Clinton vs Cosby vs O’Reilly: What’s with Bills and skirts anyway?

by Alexander O. Onukwue

Bill Clinton, 42ndPresident of the United States, had multiple extra-marital affairs going back to his time as Governor of Arkansas. His most famous escapade with White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, landed him the ignominy of becoming the second sitting President to be (technically) impeached.

Bill O’Reilly, primetime host on America’s widest Cable News platform, Fox News, and author of several best-sellers including ‘Killing Lincoln’, Killing Kennedy’ and ‘Killing Jesus’. A huge factor in the rise and election of Donald Trump in 2016, O’Reilly was accused by many women in March 2017 for sexual assault and improper behaviour. He later stepped down from his place at Fox.

Bill Cosby, America’s Dad, on the verge of incarceration for sexual assault.

Just a question: Any particular reason Bills feel they gotta be privy to revealing the concealed?

So ‘Bill’ is actually a short form or another name for the English name ‘William’. It is a common adaptation in the United States, except in some cases like the Black Eyed Peas member, who goes by the stage name Will.I.Am. Maybe that is why he has not had the issues these other ones have had to contend with.

The adventures of President Clinton were consensual. The Lewinsky affair was particularly stinging giving the graphic details that came out from the investigations. Clinton vehemently denied “having sexual relations with that woman” but would later admit and apologise to Americans, referring to his actions as inappropriate. Lewinsky did not accuse the President of rape; unlike victims of assault who are more inclined to seclude themselves, she would even go on to become something of a celebrity.

In the cases of Cosby and O’Reilly, however, it appears to be more of ‘Well. I. Will’ because of ‘Who. I. Am.’ The ex-Fox chief anchor, O’Reilly, settled the inquiries into his dealings with a number of out-of-court compensations to some of the women involved. For Cosby, the sheer number of cases over several years have made for a mounting push for prosecution, which finally began in 2014.

The current trial of Cosby on a three-count charge began on June 05. If convicted, it would be a crashing dent on the image and legacy of one of America’s most iconic TV figures of the 20th century.

…And there was the Bill Maher affair too! But that was for using inappropriate ‘racist’ language on TV.

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