The Film Blog: ‘The Inn’ has our attention

Just yesterday we were talking about stars making a return to the limelight via television shows.

Today, we found out about a new movie called The Inn, which stars Ngozi Nwosu and a bunch of other people we can’t be bothered by.

the-inn-characters10Okay, okay, Uti Nwachukwu, Mofe Duncan, IK Ogbonna might not exactly set our hearts on fire, but they are hardworking people and we respect their hustle regardless, and bear no animosity towards them. But we just happen to have a special spot for Ngozi Nwosu.

She’s one of our favourite “old Nollywood” (we’ll keep saying it, the term in itself is quite stupid, given what it’s supposed to mean) stars who’s seen a reintroduction to the mainstream, through Ndani TV’s Skinny Girl In Transit, and if this photo is anything to go by, she had a good time on set for this new movie.

the-innSo even though we know little about the creative team behind this movie, we’re already interested, and we will be on the lookout for more news. You should too.

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