Harmony Levin: Let’s talk ponzi [NEXT]

by Harmony Levin

“Society has the dynamic ability to change its form to suit its inhabitants in cossonance with the time and age”

So it happened this past week, the week I finally had a firm grip on how far Ponzi schemes have seeped into our society. Though its effects are obvious and already crystal clear to the blind, I am one person who refuses to be carried by the tide. I have been sitting and watching, taking notes, trying to decipher how the craze started or when it will even end – because one very evident thing about these awoof deals is that they always have an end and the casualties left behind is a nightmare better imagined – but let’s leave that gist for another day.

Last week good ole me sat in the cafeteria after lunch, probably “sitting and watching” in my classic style while the craze swirled around me when someone walked up to me, perhaps in the early 20s, she was giving me the look and asked to share the very large table; fine like baked clay with all the looks a girl needs. I tried initiating a conversation even though she was more concerned with searching for God knows what amongst her books. Next thing she brought out her personalised fliers: MMM, iCharity, Ultimate Cycler (at least these three I can recall). Even though I waved it off, every question I asked always had an answer that found its way to the awoof deals. I sat dazed, these days one cannot even have a decent conversation without MMM popping up.

It does seem like a good time for international Ponzi schemes to mount their tents in our dear country; it is an obvious reality that these schemes now hosts seminars and workshops in honour of their dear subscribers. Especially in the face of a biting recession, juxtaposing the paycheck for MMM, a thousand and one Nigerians will choose the latter. Aint nobody ready to give heed to the warnings of the CBN or EFCC, in fact those government institutions are the proverbial barriers seeming to stand in the way of our destined millions.

But I dare ask, aren’t we throwing caution to the wind and taking the craze farther than it should be? Just recently the website of Ultimate Cycler crashed – or as they said underwent an upgrade; in the face of such “upgrade” I could tell of people who were close to madness upon losing their dear investments. Good thing no casualty yet. MMM, itself announced a suspension of its activities till the new year, which sounds like code for “it’s over, bye”.

Before someone goes nuts why not consider the past? The study of history tells me that history has the unending nature of repeating itself and Nigeria has had a long history with Ponzi schemes. It is only a while before these pyramids come crashing.

Although the schemes have so far proved to be a good substitute to the ailing economy and with all its pessimistic views it still has an advantage at least.

I quoted above that society has the dynamic ability to change its forms to suit its inhabitants, so I believe this to be society’s current form of effecting the craze. Who am I to be in Nigeria by this time and not subscribe to at least one if not all? God forbid! I finally registered with the baked clay girl- her marketing paid off. At least, I finally got her contact. Cheers!

Harmony Levin(20) is a writer, speaker and social commentator. An undergraduate student of the University of Uyo, studying History and International studies, a feature writer and editor of Diplomatic Access. A creative director and idea innovator, with high stakes in literature, lifestyle and religion. He is on Twitter as @mactorrr

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