‘I never really liked Afrobeats’ | 7 things we learnt from Burna Boy’s UK interview (WATCH)

On his return to the UK after 6 years, Burna Boy granted an interview to Factory 78 where he talked about his trouble with Nigerian bloggers, his reason for moving back to Nigeria and more.

Here are 7 things we learnt from the interview.

  1. Burna Boy and his weed go everywhere

Whether he’s in the UK or Nigeria, Burna Boy and his smoke go everywhere. He showed that in this interview as he puffed several times on camera. This makes it clear that Burna Boy has no regard for anyone who is no fan of his love for the green grass.


2. Burna Boy wants ‘no one to write about him’

The singer clearly stated he will prefer if Nigerian bloggers keep his name not only out of their mouths but also their websites and focus more on his music.

He said, “I never asked you to write about me. I never asked anyone to write about me. I’d be happy if no one wrote about me. I’d appreciate that.”

He added, “Just listen to my music and if you don’t like it listen to someone else. I would appreciate it if nobody writes about me.”


3. Doing music is the real reason he moved back to Nigeria

Anyone who is familiar with the Burna Boy backstory would argue otherwise but according to what the singer told Factory 78, music was the motivation behind his return to Nigeria.

For those who the statement above might confuse, Burna Boy – who used to live in the UK was rumoured to have been deported from the country after getting involved in a gang related crime.

However, he has since denied it and he went further in this interview to somewhat clarify this by saying the urge to do music inspired his moving back to his fatherland.

“I mean obviously i knew i could do music, i could sing and all while i was here but i never really thought anything of it but got back to Nigeria and that’s all i wanted to do. That’s the reason i went back to Nigeria. That’s what i wanted to do and i did it.”


4. Burna Boy has ‘200 songs you haven’t heard’

In the course of the interview, the Spaceship artiste claimed to have recorded 200 songs.

“To me, music is a product of my environment and myself so basically i just go in and record anytime and I could call 200 songs that you haven’t even heard. I just sit in the studio and it just keeps coming and i keep recording”


5. Burna Boy didn’t like Afrobeats initially

In the interview, Burna confessed that while growing up, his grandfather used to listen a lot of Afrobeats but he wasn’t at a big fan of it.

“My grandad used to play a lot of Afrobeats but I never really liked it to be honest. I’d rather listen to DMX at the time.”

He then narrated how he was drawn to the genre when music came calling.

“Obviously when i started doing music i wasn’t doing anything Afrobeats but at some point in my life i just happened to go to my Grand dad and he started playing Fela and somehow, someway i just started looking at that environment, the Nigerian environment, the African environment and started putting that influence into my music.”


6. Burna and AKA never met to record All Eyes on Me. 

One would find this strange because of the wonderful synergy between them but according to Burna Boy, he didn’t know AKA on personal terms when he recorded the chorus for the rapper’s single – All Eyes on Me – which turned out to be one of the biggest African songs of 2015.

“I didn’t even know AKA personally at the time. We knew of each other as we liked each other’s music but we never really met. So he just pretty much called my manager and sent me the beat for his album and like a couple of hours i just sent it back. We just became brothers like that.”


7. Burna Boy and his mum are ‘best friends’

In 2014, Damini Ogulu a.k.a Burna Boy fired his mum, Bose Ogulu as his manager and to many, this was an indication of bad blood.

However, in this interview, Burna Boy somewhat dismissed this as he claimed his mum is like his best friend. He also said she is now back as his manager.

“She’s like my best friend. She’s always been. She’s been doing a good job so far.”

Watch the full interview below.


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