“I have penchant for taking powers. That one in Buhari’s hand, I will take it” | Read our top 10 quotes from last week

Donald Trump is calling out the witches who want to stop him from being President while Governor Fayose is certain he’ll be Nigeria’s next President based on the love of his Ekiti people. In between, there’s enough incredulous tales as told by an aressted kidnapper to keep you entertained.

These are our top ten quotes from the past week:

“Hate speeches have been responsible for wars. Rwandan genocide where more than 800,000 people were killed was started by hate speeches… Nigeria is too big and God has a purpose for making us one and we shall remain united… If there is war today, none of us will escape whether you are young or old whether you are Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa.”

Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed said at the “Lai Mohammed 10th Annual Ramadan Lecture” held in his country home, Oro, Kwara.

“Well, I’m not a fan of newspapers or radio but I will take it from you that it has sparked controversy. The country had already been polarised. It is already polarised. Well, maybe it added another dimension to the polarisation but the country had been polarised. As far as I am concerned, the country has been polarised for a long time.”

Ango Abdullahi said he committed no crime by supporting Northern youths ultimatum to Igbos living in the region. He justified his controversial contribution to the issue last week by saying the country had already been polarised.

“The problem basically is down the social stratum. At the base, we have majority of people who cannot tolerate one another, who cannot appreciate one another and have difficulty in appreciating the faith of others… We must take a deliberate step, lest we are consumed. There are already signals of opposing agitations – asking for a republic, quit notice, all these are issued by people who were born after the civil war. We want one united Nigeria.

Minister of Sports and Youth Development, Salomon Dalung said while speaking with newsmen at the 2017 annual Friendship and Dialogue Dinner organised by the UFUK Dialogue Foundation.

“With God’s help, a free Cuba is what we will soon achieve, communism has destroyed every single nation where it has ever been tried… I keep my promises.”

Donald Trump said in Miami on Friday as he cancelled President Obama’s U.S foreign policy towards Cuba.

“I traveled to South Africa, where I started selling drugs. But I had issues with some South Africans who didn’t like paying for drugs… In 2007, one of my customers pulled out a gun and shot me…”

Arrested kidnapper, Evans is full of tales about his life before arrest. From his escapades with bullion vans to his life selling drugs, you should read them all.

“He reads Psalm 23 a lot.   Even his phone, he sets alarm for 12 noon to read Psalm 23. He took part in our daily prayers in the morning, evening and night. He used to lead us in prayers.   We attend Anglican Church. He has never given them money to show off. We used to give N5000 or N10,000 and the highest we have given so far was N50,000 when we baptised one of our children.”

Uchenna Onuamadike, wife of the “billionaire kidnapper” told her side of the story in an interview with Vanguard. It is so compelling, it got some Nigerians to start a #FreeEvans campaign.

“I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt”

-Donald Trump went after his deputy Attorney-General, Rod Rosenstein in a Twitter rant and incidentally admitted to being under investigation.

“I have penchant for taking powers; that one in Buhari’s hand. I will take it. I’m going straight to that villa. I’m the next president. I want to be the next president of Nigeria. My own won’t be this change that has brought nothing, we are going to represent the people well and tell them the truth.”

Governor Ayo Fayose wants to be Nigeria’s next President.

“We have a lot of work to do if we are going to build a sustainable revenue base that we deliver the growth we desire. Even within our tax-paying community, only 214 people in the entire nation pay tax of N120m in spite of having some of the richest people in Africa and some of the best-capitalised companies in Africa; only 214 in the entire country, all of which are in Lagos State. And to do so, we will have step on some big toes.”

-Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun said at the NSE-Bloomberg CEO roundtable in Lagos.

“It is not prayers we need. We need common sense.”

-Joy Isi Bewaji, a media entrepreneur spent a lot of time criticizing Nathaniel Bassey’s Hallellujah Challenge.


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  • Fabulous modey says:

    Arquement will not heip Nigeria but truth and a sincere heart with the fear of God will help Nigeria: no wonder; the scriptures tells us that the fear of God is the begining of wisdom:our Almigthy God is alive:the wisdom of God is my contribution to this countryl

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