Kay Aishida: Illuminati musing (Y! Superblogger)

Please! It’s possible to be a successful music superstar without selling one’s soul to the devil.

Twinkle,Twinkle little Stars,right?


Way I see it, even stars don’t shine as bright anymore. At least, not as bright as the Illuminati.

This seem to be the progression these days:

Talent – Upcoming Star – Star – SuperStar———>ILLUMINATI.

If you really want to shine as a celebrity these days on the world stage, then you’d have to join the Illuminati. At least, that’s the picture the media seem to be painting these days, right?

Wrong again!

People just don’t get it!

I don’t know if I’m one of the folks who are sick and tired of all I see in the media. What is all these?

Let me tell you what I think the problem we have in this part of the world is… because of our roots, which is buried deep in African magic, we enjoy sensationalism. A lot. Now add that to the fact that the average African has this aversion for reading wide, we have a combination that has made so many fake prophets thrive and the media of course have fed fat off it.

I see all these silly soft-sell magazines and DVDs around now and I just shake my head at how flat people can fall for any sensational news.

D’banj joined the American label, G.O.O.D. Music, owned by Kanye West so he automatically gets into the Illuminati Hall of Fame.

Wizkid is also now Illuminati.

Psquare also, Illuminati.

Who else has featured an American act?

Lemme think about it… Yeah! How could I forget? 2Face once featured R-Kelly, right? Then he’s also Illuminati! Even if Olamide is not Illuminati, with his track, Ilefo Illuminati, he should be getting his membership card very soon.

M.I? 9ice? Ruggedman? Omawumi? Iyanya? Terry G? Tonto Dikeh?

The list goes on.

Get a grip, people! These guys aren’t any more Illuminati than you and I are members of Castrato (Now I really must write something later about this one. *giggles*).

Now, I’m not saying that artistes don’t join certain cults or something. For crying out loud, we have enough in our institutions so big deal.

The idea of painting this picture that all superstars sell their souls for fame and fortune by joining the Illuminati is just all wrong. These guys have worked their socks off to get to where they are so the least they deserve is kudos not for their success to be chalked off to a secret organisation whose aim in the first place has nothing to do with what these guys have to offer.

My first encounter with the word ‘ILLUMINATI’ was when I read a novel by the author of the controversial novel, Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown. The novel was titled, ‘Angels and Demons.’

Now, anyone who has read Dan Brown’s books will know that the guy’s research is usually thorough and well knit together and even he stated in the book that the cult activities was last heard about in the 18th Century.

Besides, if they were really in a secret organization, you never would know. That’s why it’s called ‘Secret’ after-all.

Some folks will just get symbols, underline ‘innuendos’ in the lyrics of their songs, fish out bible passages, wrap up a good documentary and people start buying without doing their homework.

Please! It’s possible to be a successful music superstar without selling one’s soul to the devil. Even the Bible states that the gift of God is without repentance. Let’s stop giving the devil all that media hype.

They sag, you say it’s the symbol of Baal. They give the peace sign, you say it’s the symbol of Baphemoth.

They draw tattoos, you say it’s the symbol of Mammon.

They ‘LOL,’ you say they’re proclaiming Lucifer as their Lord.

Why not just leave them and run your own race. Keep interceding for them. Stop pointing fingers and playing judge.

That’s what good Christians do.

I’m out!


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