Kemen is NOT sorry, and 4 other things we learnt from his new interview

Former BBNaija housemate, Kemen is trying really hard to redeem his already marred image following his misbehaviour in the house that led to him getting disqualified and sent back home. Going over the incidence has become hectic and since his return into the country, Kemen has made a few attempts at saving the situation but as far as his actions have gone, he’s completely worsened our collective perception of him.

After his ill-fated apology days ago, Kemen got handed another opportunity to further ruin himself. The opportunity was disguised as this interview he’s just had with Azuka Ogujiuba (of the Tiwa Savage and Tonto Dikeh fame) and apart from it being the worst interview we’ve seen, by all standards, we’ve also come to realise that Kemen’s despicable character for which he got booted out, may be innate.

Here are five things we found from the interview:

Kemen blatantly insisted that he did not assault Tboss sexually: His words “the truth lies in the fact that I got myself in a situation that was misunderstood” mean what we all clearly saw in that video clip was not what actually happened, means we all got it wrong, means even the organisers of the show got it wrong too and essentially, his disqualification from the show is not justified. Kemen’s insistence on the difference between perception and reality is an insult to everyone who is directly or indirectly affected by this. His reality as he explained in the interview was that the movement we saw under the sheets was him tugging at the second duvet in an attempt to get it out. These millions of viewers are not stupid, we all know what we saw.

Kemen is NOT sorry: This goes without saying considering the point we just made above and the apology statement he directed to “Tboss and all women” on International Women’s Day. Recall that he did not outrightly admit any wrongdoing, he apologised for the interpretation of his action. This new interview was to further validate the story he’s sticking with. We feel more sorry for everyone who was fooled by the apology then and are still finding excuses for him now.

Tboss lied?: “I hope she’ll embrace the truth when the show is over and 25 million naira is not at stake“. Those who still hold the theory that Tboss manipulated the situation to her advantage will jump at this. But Kemen cleverly went from blaming her by saying people do bad things when playing games and then absolving her by saying she’s not a bad person. Ultimately, Kemen holds on to the fact that his fate that night lied in Tboss’ hands and she chose to throw him out.

We’ve not seen the end of this matter: Kemen said in the interview that the truth lies between him and Tboss, so all that’s left is to wait for Tboss to return from the Big Brother Naija house so she can finally get to share her side of the story. We know for sure that the organisers of the show have not given her a chance to really express herself on the issue and have not themselves fully addressed the issue beyond the disqualification. So we’ll wait for Tboss to return and hopefully, she’ll take due action.

Big Brother Naija organisers treated Kemen unfairly: This is what Kemen made us believe when he alluded to the fact that Tboss was not given the option of telling the truth. Assuming he’s right, then this is bad for the Big Brother brand and maybe the entire issue should be revisited.

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