[The Legislative Blog]: What’s better than common sense? | Dino Melaye and Ben Murray-Bruce explain

Lets make something better than common sense

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This is how we imagine this conversation between Senators Dino Melaye and Ben Murray-Bruce:

Sen BMB: Senator, about this $29.9 billion loan that the Federal Government is requesting from World Bank and the rest that they want us to approve, it’s not making common sense to me…

Sen Dino Melaye: Well, that really does not concern me as long as the infrastructural development promised is put in place…

Sen BMB: But you need to understand that if not well managed, young Nigerians will have to pay for the loans in the future and that sure does not make common sense…

Sen Dino Melaye: Errmmm, I’m not a young Nigerian and by my calculation, i will not be here to pay for the loans when that time comes.. *chuckles*

Sen BMB: You know as elected officials, our salaries are ridiculously high and we need a cut. It’s not fair on the citizenry and we need to address this before we borrow…

Sen Dino Melaye: *frowns* cut which salary? My own? Lai Lai…thunder fire the enemy. I have an expensive taste in automobiles and maybe everything else. How do you expect this Kogi big boy to keep up the status when you cut his salaries?

Sen BMB: But this is the common sense way to do things!

Sen Dino Melaye: Oh i see! You Mr common sense, how much from your salary have you given to the youths you claim to care about…

Sen BMB: *stutters* I try, I honestly do!

Sen Dino Melaye: *wide-eyed* Let’s make something better than common sense, like more money and more cars! Who common sense epp?

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