The Media Blog: So we watched ‘Afropolitan Chef’ …

We want to call it a bright spot.

Because we definitely needs one of those.

Yetunde Shorters is a very likable person, and has the right vibe for a cooking show (we would say for any show where likability is important), but it does get annoying hearing t”Italian food, Indian food, Chinese food” and “African food in a cosmopolitan way.”

Oh, and let’s geta little more excited about the food. Seriously, it’s food.

Then there are the recipes. They are probably the most basic dishes you can think of. Moi-moi and akara? Yam and egg and corned beef sauce? Maybe we’re overthinking here but, but we suspect people are not going to sit in front of a screen for 30 minutes watching someone make stuff they’ve probably seen their mothers and grandmothers cook a thousand times.

That being said, the show looks really nice. You have to give it that. A lot of thought has gone into presenting it and producing it.

Clearly, RED TV is determined to create a space for itself in the lifestyle section of the TV space. Which makes sense as a differentiating strategy. Something that’s rare in these parts.

The shows could do with more views (the first and second episodes have just over 6000 and 3000 views respectively) but as anyone who knows the online TV space in Nigeria knows: the thing is a marathon, not a sprint.

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