Offa robbery: Seven months after, where is justice?


It has been exactly seven months that dare devil armed robbers stormed the sleepy town of Offa in Kwara state, North central Nigeria, killing more than thirty individuals in an operation that lasted about four hours with zero resistance from the Nigerian police. Seven months after that evil day, it seems the country has moved on but I am yet to. The robbery which has the highest number of casualties in the year 2018 should have seen to the arrest of the sponsor of this robbery and prosecution of the suspects but nothing significant has been done till date.

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According to the Nigerian Police Force, they arrested some suspects but none has been arraigned till this moment. The incidence took an ugly turn when the police tried to score cheap political points by accusing the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki of masterminding the robbery attack. It was ugly, and showed how much political influence had corrupted police procedure in Nigeria. While not holding brief for the senate president who the police have insisted have a case to answer despite the clearance from the Attorney General of the Federation office, the police have done a poor job so far and it has shown how irresponsible and incompetent the police has become under IGP Ibrahim Idris and President Muhammadu Buhari who swore an oath to protect every Nigerians.

It is disturbing that seven months after the gruesome murder of more than thirty individuals including infants and a pregnant woman, not a single individual is in court for this heinous crime. The police stated that they have arrested some suspects in connection with the robbery. Where are the suspects? What is delaying their arraignment? What about the police officers that reportedly took bribe from the armed robbers in their hotel a day to the incidence. Where is Michael Adikwu? The police officer caught on Camera? Where is Kayode Opadokun and other suspects?

It sucks that we have suddenly forgotten these victims that were gunned down in their prime. Their blood is crying for Justice! Justice!! Justice!!!

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