Opinion: Buhari and @ApcNigeria’s lack of ideology

by Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu

By 2015, Nigeria will be facing another presidential election which shall be the fifth to be conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. The year 2015 is long awaited not only because it is a presidential election year but it has also been long awaited because it is a year predicted to witness the end of the product of the British backed unholy marriage known as Nigeria by the United States of America.

As 2015 approaches, many candidates including Retired General Muhammadu Buhari had indicated their interests to contest for the elections. Gen. Buhari is contesting under the platform of the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC. Buhari has a record of high discipline and non-tolerance to corruption during his days as the military head of state from 1983 to 1985. He achieved some records through the War Against Indiscipline (WAI) that promoted high level of discipline among Nigerians and public officials. That record up till now, makes other politicians to fear the name Buhari.

Though Buhari has some good records, his recent decisions may pose as obstacles to his presidential dream. Some of those unfair actions of him include alliance with the APC, and attesting to have obtained loan from bank to purchase his nomination form. The most standing obstacle of the dreams of Buhari is his alliance to the APC. This is because APC has so many weaknesses such as lack of ideology and lack of true national outlook. Though no political party in Nigeria operates with ideology, the APC was expected to be a true progressive by developing and sustaining a true ideology within itself. The party is widely made up of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)’s frustrated politicians who are very desperate to attain power.  The decision of the party to admit frustrated PDP politicians into it’s folks is really worrisome and makes its name ‘Progressives’ to be doubtful. Also the recent romance of the party with PDP’s chieftains that it once described as enemies of Nigeria baffles the imaginations of Nigerians. It is a public knowledge that during the regime of Olusegun Obasanjo in the present fourth republic, the Action Congress which is currently the APC described Obasanjo as the greatest enemy of Nigerian democracy but recently, the APC sees the same Obasanjo as a father. This is quite embarrassing and shameful.

Moreover, up till now, the APC is yet to tell Nigerians why the party is better than the PDP. Instead of utilizing her political rallies to sensitize Nigerians on their dreams and objectives for the betterment of Nigerian democracy and good governance, the party spent those times abusing the ruling PDP. Also, the APC has failed to extend it’s rallies to the south east and south south geopolitical zones thereby forcing Nigerians to believe that the party is an Hausa-Yoruba party and also a moslem party. The APC has failed to emulate the politicking style of the PDP. This is because the PDP sees the whole Nigeria as it’s constituency whenever the party execute political rallies. This undoubtedly make Nigerians to take the PDP as the only national party in Nigeria.

Furthermore, the disclosure by Buhari that he obtained bank loan in order to be able to pick the APC presidential nomination form is doubtful and worrisome, and poses a great damage to his image. If Buhari can maintain a bullet proof car, then obtaining a bank loan to pick just a nomination form is doubtful. If he told Nigerians that the form picking was financed by his friends or associates, that will be easier to believe. Also if he obtained loan to pick nomination form, then what will happen during the campaigns that are usually expensive in Nigeria. Moreover, even if he truly obtained a bank loan to pick the form, when will such loans be fully paid and if it will be after he got elected, with whose money will it be financed?, will it be financed with tax payers money or his salaries. These questions pose a serious damage to the image of Buhari

Finally, if Buhari must contest, he should embark on a massive reform within the APC to give the party a better image.  That should start with the disassociation of the party from the PDP politicians. He should also urge the party to restructure it’s programmes to have a national outlook. He should show Nigerians evidence of the bank loan he obtained to pick his nomination form. These will make his chances at the poll greater.

I wish GMB all the best.


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  1. You guy are conpuse we know that because all your pilan fail in you pilane to kill more peole but south africa did the right thing you kill a lot but remember you will die one day. You’re not even a sheme of you self asking stupit question

  2. Truly APC is full of highly frustrated people who are not only desperate to attain power but have lost relevance. Can a leopard change its skin? We know their stuff and “The wind has already blown and the romp of their Hen exposed” (Ameachi, Segun Oni, Atiku, Nyako, Rochas, Oyinlola, Bamisile……)

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