Opinion: What I learned when I started practicing yoga at home

by Ima Matthew

The saying “the greatest wealth is health”, is one which most of people can agree on. To keep us healthy we eat clean food, stay hygienic and avoid unhealthy activities. Though many people go to the gym to work out their body, others practice yoga at home.

So, six months ago, I began practising the ancient eastern spiritual and meditation practice at home. It wasn’t up to a week when I began to experience the benefits of yoga. My flexibility improved. I began to breathe better. I was busting with energy and vitality. Most important for me as a writer and scholar, I began to experience a higher level of mental alertness and my stress levels reduced.

Yoga can be very healthy as it keeps you active, calm and happy throughout the day. And it is not just beneficial for you but your family as well as it creates a positive energy. You can start doing yoga at home from today but you will need to know the basics first and how to do it properly. Here in this article, we will give you a few tips on how to properly practice yoga at home.

#1 Choose a time that suits you

The most important thing about practising yoga at home is choosing a convenient time. You have to choose that time out of your timetable which is most comfortable for you it could be in the evening or in the morning. The best time for yoga is the early morning but if you can’t make time, then there is no need to trouble yourself and you can perform it at the time that suits you most. When you are picking the most comfortable time, it means you are relaxed, and now your yoga will be more effective. Here are tips on how you can integrate yoga into your lifestyle.

#2 Pick a comfortable place

When you are doing yoga, it matters a lot where you are doing it. So, it is essential to choose the most comfortable place when you are performing yoga. If you have a separate silent room in which you can do it in silence alone then it is perfect otherwise you can find a place in your home which is wide and silent. It is essential that you perform it in a very calm place. If you perform yoga in a noisy place, then you are not gaining anything for it the whole point of the yoga is to add calmness to yourself.

#3 Use simple yoga wear

It is highly recommended that when you are doing yoga, you should be wearing conformable clothing. Wearing tight clothes will make you uncomfortable when you stretch your body, so it is recommended that you wear loose clothes. You can buy clothing for your yoga online as well, and the best place to buy yoga clothing is Ana Heart. You can also find yoga mats and accessories here. You can easily buy the most comfortable yoga clothes from here and can do your yoga without any inconvenience.

#4 Do warm up before performing intense yoga postures

Before you go into performing an intense yoga pose, make sure that you warmed up. This is very important because if you do not warm up, it increases the risk of muscle strain. So make sure you start slowly and gently do a few stretches before you start to make your body flexible, and when you have stretched enough, then you can perform intense postures. Otherwise, you will put your body at risk.

#5 You have to be consistent

When it comes to yoga or any physical exercise consistency is very essential. If you are not performing it consistently, then there is no point of it. So it is important that you design a schedule, a timetable for yourself so you can perform yoga at your suitable time as mentioned above. Once you start following your timetable, it will soon become a habit of yours.

#6 Add variety of techniques in your yoga

While performing yoga, you do not want to do just basic stretches every day. To make your yoga more productive make sure that you are adding a variety of techniques in it. You can do this by trying different breathing techniques for the same pose, or you can also try new, different poses. You have to add variety to your weekly schedule; this way your yoga will be effective.

We all can understand that yoga is extremely helpful in maintaining a healthy body and if it is done right, it can add more happiness and productivity in your life. So follow these basic tips and start practising yoga at home right away.

I believe these 6 tips will help you, no matter how busy your schedule (and trust me, mine is intensely busy), to make time for yourself. Undoubtedly, taking on a fitness routine will certainly change your life positively.

Op–ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija

Ima Matthew is a journalist and blogger. She is currently a final year student of English and Literary Studies at the University of Calabar. She reports for The Trent.




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