Opinion: Why are we lying to ourselves? What 2Baba did is unacceptable

by Halima Bello


I came across this YNaija article that was released just after 2face Idibia announced the cancellation of the anti-government protest march scheduled for Monday. The article came out in such a hurry that it made we wonder why YNaija was so quick to come to the defence of this man who has betrayed Nigerians in the face of a slight challenge?

When 2face Idibia first made public his intention to use his voice along with those of other Nigerians to express displeasure with the state of the nation, he set up himself up for a major task. This is a celebrated artiste whose sometimes didactic music resonates with Nigerians on various levels. 2face has gained the respect of all of us over the years, not only for his music but his ability to thrive even in controversy. For the most part of his journey through fame, 2face’s personal and sexual choices have been trailed with backlash but he never gave in (until he got to child number 7).

So now, he decides to provoke us to get to action, to voice our discontent with the weakness and anti-masses policies of the Buhari administration, he uses his celebrity status to his advantage and it works, we are made to believe 2face is not one of those celebrities who are blind and deaf to the reality in their immediate society, he knows where the shoes pinch all of us, he had 7 kids and has to pay school fees too, 2face now assumes the personae of the bold and daring who will lead a protest that is bound to rewrite the narrative of citizen’s disapproval of Buhari administration, we’d no longer be social media noisemakers, there will now be a shift that will cause the government to take us all more seriously – and 2face was to spearhead the movement.

Then the night before D-day, he announces that he is no longer up to the task, he chickens out and you say we should be proud of him. No one takes pride in a coward. Come back here Mr Idibia, citing threat to personal security as a justification for your pullout is far from tenable, nothing guarantees the security of a protester, your target is bound to resist but you’re required to mount counter-resistance. 2face’s failure to brace the odds is the reason he doesn’t deserve any of our praise.

Yes, you might argue that he is within his rights to retreat at the last minute, argue that he is not responsible for the rest of us and our plight, argue that he is not my spokesperson, all true but remember, I was content in my sufferings, I had lost hope in Buhari and had resigned to fate until Mr 2baba came to rile me up. Now the man who I hoped to look to and model at the protest march is suddenly no longer interested and asks me to go on by myself? No, this is unacceptable and we should all call 2face exactly by his name: a two-faced, scaredy cat.

The protest has held without him, the turnout was uninspiring and I wonder just how 2face feels about himself now. But how do I feel about him? He’s lost his street credibility and will never be taken seriously again. Joker!

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  1. 2 Face have join the people he wanted to talk about. corruption remain the back bone of Nigeria. As far as 2 face have agreed to dance to the tons of the corrupt politicians by collecting bribe from them, please I will like IDRIS to come leads the protest.

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