Opinion: The Nigeria of my dreams

by Adebayo Williams

Nigeria the rich oil giant of Africa, rich in culture and tradition, the most populous country in Africa, blessed with numerous natural resources. Green and white is our symbol which represents natural wealth and peace; unity and faith, peace and progress is our motto which tells us the attributes we should be expressing.

Though what Nigeria has been envisioned to be is not what she is expressing; though the battles of our heroes past towards the great platform they has laid down has long been shambled; though even as Nigerians, we act contrary to truly should be expressing; no unity in some parts of the country, no peace, unrest here and there in some parts of the country, our natural resources is diminishing, the rich oil giant of Africa we have been known to be is no more what it is. But I believe in the future and believe in my country. My dream is not mere dream, it is visioning reality.

It begins with you and me. To make Nigeria a better place begins with an individual Nigerian who is willing to be rugged and dogged to see to the well-being of the country. The day we begin to see our leaders as our representative, I believe things will begin to get better from there. We all are leaders. But out of we all, we have chosen someone to represent us. Instead of passing blames, hurling curses and insulting our leaders, let’s give them the opportunity to represent us well by being supportive, dedicated and honest .

But can citizens express these characters if that of our leaders or “representatives” are nothing close to it? Can we have law abiding citizens if we have leaders who are only in position for their selfish interest? Are the people who act contrary to what our motto is not Nigerians? Can there be progress where there is no peace? Can bombings, kidnapping, incessant killing of innocent souls bring unity?

A saying goes thus “united we stand, divided we fall. Disunity leads to the falling of the nation numerically as we can find in mortality rate in the country, economically as we can find in the present economy recession and unemployment rate and also financially. Corruption has really eaten deep in the country that it is dragging us back. Presently, an average man before now sees himself as a poor man while a rich man before now sees himself as an average man. It’s high time we don’t just recite the national anthem but act on the wordings.

The labour of our heroes past is now going in vain. I’m imagining their frown on us right now, their unpleasant feeling and how displeased they are now. Though they are no more now, should we now refer to them as fallen heroes with the present situation of the country? Doesn’t it look as if Nigeria is only proud of her history? Too many questions to answer and I’m sure your answers can’t be far fetched.

Nigeria is regaining her lost glory. The rich oil giant of Africa is becoming the rich oil giant of the world. The most populous country in Africa is becoming the most productive country in the world. The peace and unity that has long gone is coming back to stay and reflect in the country

and the world at large. A once labeled “fantastically corrupt country” would become a “fantastically progressive country”. A country to reckon with.

All these can happen in a twinkle of an eye if we are willing and ready to see to the change we have been clamoring for. The Nigeria of my dreams will become a reality, if we join hands, work together to make it great . My dream is coming true! Help me in making it a reality.

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