Opinion: Women and their disappointing reaction to the Ese Walter COZA affair

by Ego du Jour


The blind sheep that follow pastors in Nigeria are partly responsible for this. The level of “power” given to church leaders is mind blowing and when corrupt people are given power this is the result.

I haven’t had much time recently to tweet or blog as much as I would like. Today, however, there was a lot of fuss on my timeline surrounding this blog post by Ese Walter (a Nigerian media personality, I guess?). Ese wrote about the one-week affair she had with a Nigerian pastor from a church named COZA (Commonwealth of Zion Assembly).

In her story, Ese shares quite a bit of detail on how she joined the church and how the affair began. Apparently everything was kosher until the pastor in question visited London and asked Ese, who was a student in the city, to visit him at his hotel.

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This story has gained traction on Nigerian news sites. People have been reacting on Twitter as well.







Many people cannot believe that a grown woman could involve herself in an affair with a married pastor and still position herself as the “manipulated victim”.

When reading Ese’s story I expected negative reactions from Nigerian men who have probably always been in the position of power in sexual situations. Yes, Nigerian men may joke about sleeping with older housegirls when they are 10 years old but for them this is a thing to be proud of, a rite of passage, as opposed to child abuse. I can see how a Nigerian man could read Ese’s story and decide she is exaggerating events, or lying, or wrongly playing the victim.

However, I did not expect this reaction from Nigerian women. The insults being hurled at Ese by other women are disappointing. It is shocking how many of us are unable to see that Ese was a victim of manipulation by a man in a position of power. It seems the only time a woman is allowed to call herself a “victim” is in the extreme case of rape. Even then there are women who will find a way to blame the victim. Would it have been “better” if Ese was under 18 when this happened? Perhaps it would be easier to express sympathy.

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If this story is true, and I believe it is, Pastor Fatoyinbo took advantage of a young woman’s naivete and trust to engage in an affair. When she expressed concerns he used bible verses and his position as a “man of God” to stop her from exposing the affair.  When she tried to tell her story to other senior members of the church she was discounted and her story was ignored. This affair may have very well continued for more than a week if Ese had not (as she says) put a stop to it.

The blind sheep that follow pastors in Nigeria are partly responsible for this. The level of “power” given to church leaders is mind blowing and when corrupt people are given power this is the result. Of course, this is not unique to Nigeria. The problem here is that the system is so blatantly patriarchal and biased against women that she had no support and had to deal with the situation herself. Judging by her LinkedIn profile, which shows she studied in London between 2010 and 2011, this must have happened two to three years ago. I imagine it took that much time to get to a space where she could speak freely about this.

I don’t usually defend people I do not know on the internet but the responses I have seen today just confirm that Nigerian women have a long way to go. Ignore the men for a bit and focus on how we treat each other, it is disappointing and disgraceful how little support some of us have shown online for Ese Walter. I am sure her story is not the only one involving Pastor Fatoyinbo but the responses over the last couple of days will likely prevent other victims from coming forward. Yes, I said victims. It was brave of her for coming out and telling this story especially considering the reaction she has had so far.

The pastor is yet to respond to any of this. As far as I can tell the “Ese Walter Coza affair” story is only just gaining traction and being picked up by more news outlets. I expect Pastor Fatoyinbo is still trying to explain the story to his wife and family. Or maybe they are already engaged in a 24 hour prayer session. Perhaps he will come out with a statement over the weekend blaming the devil and saying that he was possessed by a demon of adultery. Then, his ever faithful blind sheep congregation will pray for him and curse Ese. If we have learned anything though, it is that these things are rarely every single occurrences. Who’s to say Fatoyinbo won’t do this again?


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  1. Nigerians have pretty warped thinking
    They are Christians by profession but traditional in their thinking

    If they would only think like Jesus
    but nay, they are always too concerned about what the public would say

  2. As I have said before, I say again: This Ese and her pastor ‘abuser’ are both guilty, as far as my court is concerned. The girl is just a bad girl looking for attention and the pastor is just one of the many foolish men of (g)od using religion as cover for evil…that is if he truly slept with her.
    That pastor should go and commit suicide. He is a disgrace to manhood, to religion and to his family….if he actually slept with her.
    I am ashamed that the girl comes from the same community as my humble self. It is bad enough to sleep with a married man, a pastor and worse to say it out and call it abuse.
    The tone of her ‘confessional’ article shows that she is a bad runs girl…it smells of a foul upbringing and desperation. I have no pity for her.
    I am assuming that she had more than a week tryst with the Pastor and he could even be the one sponsoring her Masters.

  3. Simple analogy.She went to church for a breakthrough,pastor Biodun saw her that she was very sexy and attractive,and he sponsor her to London for msc program,which she couldn’t say no.And he,Pastor Biodun always come to london to sleeping with her and after 11 months,she came back to Nigeria.And she discovered Pastor Biodun had ignore her and don’t fulfil most of the promises he make with her.she got angry and vow to deal with Pastor Biodun..when she is not a fool,how can such a handsome and weathy pastor lure her to bed and she won’t agree,and now said she is a victim,did anybody force her to sleep with him,is she a small girl,and by the way who sponsor her to abroad.Psycologically,one would know that Eze story was true but she delibrately slept with this MOG because of his affluence.

  4. May d gud Lord 4give dis pastor and give Ese d grace 2 heal soon… He shud take some time off 2 work on himself b4 mounting dat pulpit again! Remember! Judgement will start 4rm d place of worship! COZA faithfuls! U gotta watch it ooh………s

  5. She is really stupid. If she had any senses n knew wat she was doing was wrong she could v confessed to God n to any higher authority and leave it at that. And then move on with her life trying to make amends. Now she has told everyone how stupid she is, wat does she hope to gain? Sympathy? She wants to defend herself n probably punish the pastor instead of allowing God to do His thn. Bulshit .

  6. People don’t want the Pastor’s side of the story, they already have a precast opinion about the whole thing. It is simply like our criminal justice system; the first to report at the police station is the victim and the reported, the guilty. Few months ago, Tope Alabi’s Pastor claimed that she attempted to make him make love with her, and that was the end. He was the first to make the allegation and so he is the victim.

    We lack real investigative journalism and most posing as writers even lack the mental acumen to probe and discern accurately, blindly following the surge of public opinion triggered by bias and emotions. A story without substantiated claim remains false until it can be validated or authenticated by concrete proofs.

    The lady claimed she made some payments with her card (How do we know it had to do with the hotel they both stayed since she even alluded to the fact that pastor had booked his hotel ahead). She claims they did it daily for a full week stretch (a lot begging for clarity and questioning here)

    She also claims she had an audio recording to buttress the veracity of her story. The axiomatic thing to do when incidenting a crime related experience is to accompany it with probable evidence. I can write a more compelling story than she did and make allusion to human beings to give it a more believing embellishment. How best could she have made it more believable than cite people with face.

    She cites pricking of conscience as the motivation for the confession. If her motive was out of compunction, then I would say this is a huge cheap joke and lie, because the first person she ought to have apologized to was the pastor’s wife, assuming her narrative is genuine. She sinned against God, the wife and the children.

    There is a grand plan and a real motive behind her story. I expect real journalists, lawyers and psychologists to have by now tried reaching her to ask her some tough questions. She is not that smart, it is just that majority of her first callers cum readers had very low IQs, hence they read the story once and did not bother to ask the right questions. Why don’t we really undertake investigation motivated by the genuineness to learn the truth.

  7. Wat do u want him to say,he is a human like u,pray for him.above all don't forget this is endtime,hope u are prepare,for the coming of the son of man.the time is so short.

  8. He hasn’t commented on it yet and ure here spitting fire, accusing him already. There are 3 sides 2 dis story; his side, hers and the main truth. And even if such happened, he’s a pastor, most pastors fal,even David in d bible killed Uriah and took his wife and God forgave him. Ure all here yarning Bs bcos u want comments on dis ur blog, ok, now u have it, even if, it happened, she wasn’t raped,abused or being pestered about it. she’s just using d cheap blackmail 2 defame a Man of God, ruin his family and spoil his ministry. If ure a Christian, face ur own Church and let ur pastor b accountable 2 u, but for now, 4get pastor Biodun, he’ll b fine. And if it is true sef, he owes only his God, his Family and his congregation an apology. Once DAT is done, all is well. He’s a pastor and he’s more or less human.

  9. As the media and airwaves got filled in the late hours of Thursday to the early hours of Friday , i read and looked through series of comments, abuses, curses, castigation , condemnations and most of all the call and cry for a press briefing as well as disregarding of a pastors ministry and his pulpit. I sank into my black leather couch starring into my 51inch television but obviously not watching the program being aired or should i say i was actually watching what the future really holds for our youths and our faith as Christians and most of all what is the next for Miss. Ese Walter and for every other person in her shoes or with the same mindset and ideology. Because i can see that most or should i be specific and say over 80% of our youths have the same mindset that have always limited them and will continue to limit them. The mindset that says immediately you have erred or failed you shouldn’t stand up again.

    I am sure you are wandering where i am heading at or what i am up to, but i am sure if you are not in a hurry and decide to be patient you would be wiser by the time you get to the last words and if by then you still are not wiser then you strongly need to be delivered from the POWER OF DARKNESS (understand that darkness necessarily don’t mean EVIL Spirits or Demons but lack of understanding and enlightenment). At every instance we hear accounts and scandal stories about men of God , the next is an excited crowd ready to condemn, castigate and most times screams of crucify him, crucify him, crucify him….and that only brings memories of the Pharisees and Sadducee who were fast to crucify sinners before and during the era of Jesus Christ our LORD, and when Christ himself says “sinner go and sin no more for I do not condemn you” they get angry and believe proper justice was not taken. Now the question is what is the proper justice????

    I chose to pick my enlightenment from the perspective that the allegations about the man of God “Pastor Biodun” are true, at least that’s what most of us are itching to hear, just the same way the hearts and ears of men are always itching to rejoice in evil reports. So i continue let’s accept that Ese and the man of God actually had a relationship after which she confirms it ended after are while (please understand i have not confirmed if the story is true even though i would have loved to meet the man of God and ask him if i knew how and when to get to him. So i as i had said earlier lets accept it was true, i am almost certain the next we will like to hear is that the pastor has come out to accept the story as true and has decided to quit the ministry and step down as a pastor or worst of all go on exile or commit suicide because u believe he is not worthy to preach the gospel of Christ, Like you where the one who called him or gave him the vision. Perhaps i should ask the question

    · Was a donkey worthy to deliver a message to Balaam the prophet of God

    · Is moses a killer worthy to be used by God to deliver his people

    · Is King David a killer and adulterer worthy to be called a man after God’s heart

    · Is Abraham the man who followed his wife’s suggestion to sleep with her maid over God’s direction worthy to be called father of Faith and God’s friend

    · Is peter the one who denied Jesus Christ 3times worthy to be called father and founder of Christianity

    · Is Solomon who was both an adulterer and idolatrous person worthy to be called God’s blessed King

    I am still yet to discover one man chosen by God either in the bible or in our time that is perfect, except Christ who had to be perfect for the Art and Act of remission of sin at the cross. And even the perfect Christ was believed and argued to be imperfect and promoter of sin by the so called scholars and wise men like the numerous people and supposed Christians we have today.

    I say and will continue to repeat NO ONE IS PERFECT, NO ONE IS PERFECT, NO ONE IS PERFECT, I actually feel like opening your head and sliding it in so you would know that NO ONE IS PERFECT neither is there a perfect church, because if you are perfect then you simply don’t need God’s help. But because we are not perfect does not mean we are not righteous or worthy. And as long as you are righteous or worthy you can be the vessel to carry the vision of God….. hmmm , now i am sure someone’s heard is going hot and perhaps feel like slapping me, well if you have your bible with you then kindly open to Proverbs 24:16 and if you don’t have it then i can tell you what it says “Although a righteous person may FALL SEVEN TIMES, he gets up again, but the wicked will be brought down by calamity”.

    Now i am not a pastor but let me explain what that verse means. The person in question was announced to be righteous by God and he wasn’t announced to be righteous by GOD because of his good works nor because he was perfect (for God said let no man say he is perfect except God in heaven), he was actually announced be God because he accepted God (for as many as come to me i will by no means cast out and they shall be called the sons of God), so God made him righteous and the same person is said even if he falls seven times he shall stand again and God still sees him as a righteous man and as such expected to continue his duty, the only advice God gives is sin no more. GOD never says such people should not continue in the duties he has given them. But he says the wicked will be brought down and i know the next question is who is the wicked? But the answer is just right in front of you “The wicked is that person that doesn’t believe in God nor Believes God’s work should continue” God even went ahead to warn in the same bible passage that you should not rejoice or be glad in the fall of your enemy needless of a man of God. But what do we see today??? People ready twit, blog or share the errors of men when the instruction God gave was to go into your room and pray for such people to be stronger in faith and live a better life. What breaks my heart is 90% of those fast to crucify are Christians as well claimed born again believers. No wonder Christ doubted if he will meet faith and love on earth when he comes back, because if you don’t love your fellow brother how do you claim to love God that you don’t see.

    The truth is if Pastor Biodun had or decides asked for forgiveness, God would have or will forgive him and it would never be in God’s record that he ever committed such sin (For if you repent i will blot out your sin and i will throw into the sea of forgetfulness), which means if ese by chance goes to meet God and tells god i had sex with Pastor Biodun , HE will say i can’t remember such thing happening (for GOD is not a man that he should lie). So if God has forgiven and forgotten why do we cry for crucifixion? That’s why i say we are not different from the Pharisees and Sadducee that were screaming for the crucifixion of Christ and his followers.

    Now to Ese Walter, I sincerely hope you have found peace within yourself now as you stated……… even though i don’t know how you will be at peace every time you see your name or picture on the media attached to sex scandals, perhaps if you want to get married and your fiance’s friends or families bring up the story of the sex scandal, or your children grow older and stumble into an article or book that talks about you and sex scandal that rocked the air waves sometime ago. We all have past but causing uproar with it isn’t the smartest way to show repentance or fight guilt or denial.

    Please understand what i have said and not what i did not say, I am not supporting any wrong did neither am i support of sin but all i am saying is you need to learn to allow God direct your every step and decision. I am sure you do not know how many people you have pushed out of the site of God, church or their faith in God and Christianity if truly you have accepted Christ now.

    I drop my pen here and i am really not expecting any applause or accolade from anyone one on this message, but i have spoken the truth has i know it, left for you to accept it.

    1. @maxwel,well said and yes you deserve and an applause.

  10. I just pray for him α̲̅πϑ ɑ̤̥̈̊L̶̲̥̅̊L̶̲̥̅̊ christians. It will b well IJN.

  11. I've had reservations about this Church since I heard about it. I think they are too worldy ….congregations like this stretch grace beyond its elasticity. Honestly I do not doubt Ese's story nor that of the newest confessor. I urge Pastor Abiodun to make a comment cos we have a right to know the truth.

  12. I dont jump to believe stories because i wasnt there and i dont knw if it is true or false, anybody can make up a story to get cheap publicity, people do it and it has been done by people around the world but i can only say time will tell if it is actually true or false especially when there’re witnesses

  13. Ese still thinks she’s in love with this pastor-dude.
    Ese is paranoid.
    Ese is intelligent.
    Ese has delusions of grandeur.
    Ese is beautiful.
    Ese thrives on fame.
    Ese works hard to maintain her stunning body.
    Ese might need some serious therapy when all this media hype cools.
    I seriously need to take a nap now.
    (PS:pastor-dude,seriously? What were you thinking,man? Maybe just have a toke next time)

  14. Aderonke or Aderomance, U couldn't even try to wrap ur bitter bias. What on earth makes you think that Ese or any other lady for that matter would just scratch her head and put out a story like that? Prove that your pastor is beyond sin or temptation and clap for yourself. Sincerely, if you are one of those who think that pastors/GOs are no longer humans, then, you are on a free ride to HELL.

  15. I want to tell you a story, no be story o. I want to tell u are story

  16. I really admire dis lady’s courage cos is not everyone that has that type of courage,the lord will see you thru I believe with all my heart,don’t feel bad bcos of some comment of foolish women u did d. Ryt tin and am sure God is proud of u

  17. It is sad what people say in situations like this. As messy and convincing as Ese’s story sounds,i want to give the man of God a benefit of the doubt and at the same time will not completely dismiss Ese’s claims. I dont know the truth cos the facts are not very clear though Ese sounds very articulate and convincing but the pastor has not also been heard. No man knows the heart but God. All that has been said can be concluded thus:- (If Ese’s story is true)How will all the people talking down on her react if a Father takes sexual advantage of his daughter,a teacher take advantage of his student,a politician take advantage of the electorate as is done with impunity and braggadociousness in our clime. If these can b condemned,then everyone should in unism and in very strong terms condemn ANYONE who does what Ese claims the pastor did to her regardless of office or status. However,we may never know the truth but Ecclesiastic 12:14 says “For God shall bring every work into Judgment,with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil”.

  18. While I see your point dear blogger, I sincerely doubt that Ese Walter is as innocent as you want to believe. I my 18 month old niece knows to tell a stranger to ‘stop it’ and ‘leave her alone if she doesn’t like how she’s being touched. I don’t know her reasons for choosing to blow this thing up in the open but if she was truly guilt ridden or remorseful as she claims, I don’t see how going public could remedy that. This smacks more of getting even than getting right.
    I don’t know about the so called ‘power’ church leaders are supposed to wield over their following but a woman sure knows a come on when she sees one and it’s really up to her to either play along or get away from the situation if she doesn’t like it ( except of course in cases of rape which is not the issue here). The pastor is guilty no doubt but she is no lamb either. He’s a married man and her pastor, two very good reasons for her to walk away.

    1. Not so Aisha. We all dont know the truth here but the story is full of all the ingredients that is common with deceit,manipulation and if Ese’s story is true,it should be condemned. But lets hear the pastors side too so that we can all comment from a fully informed perspective.

  19. Thank you who Eva wrote this down “woman should put the men aside and think about the way we treat each other women to women”

  20. I don’t support either of them,but I don’t see her as the victim either. A grown woman was asked by a man to sit on his laps and you obliged,sounds consensual to me. Nowhere did she say she voiced any refusal to his “unusual” request. Pastors should be held accountable and so should she too for putting her shameful secret out there.

  21. Shame on you.
    You decide that Nigerian women are this monolithic group and pick 6 tweets to prove your point. There are several women (and men) who have stood up for this woman, Ese.
    What you have done here is perpetuate the sexism you claim to disdain. People may be fair, ignorant, conceited, judgmental, empathetic ‘people. Women (and men) are men are people first.
    Shame on you.

    1. Anybody that believes this cooked n fabricted story is jst a cheap slot who lack vision n focus. Go find something doing rather than trying to put som1 else’s light off cos u wnt 2 gain cheap popularity.

      1. 1. In this context, cooked and fabricated are synonyms.
        2. Slut. Not ‘slot’.
        3. Lacks
        … I give up.

        If she make this story up,let the Pastor say so. Let him call her out, brand her liar, Jezebel, the Devil, anything.
        No young Nigerian woman seeks ‘cheap popularity’ by telling the internet she slept with her Pastor.

        1. I tink u urself need help

    2. U need 2 work on ur sentence 1st rather than criticising others. U need help honestly, nxt time u proofread n edit wat u wrote b4 u condemn others mr i no. #Trash

      1. Beside we dnt have a cheap pastor who needs 2 defend himself ova som cheap accusation. U all need help n seek 4 4giveness so dat God can deliver u 4rm d trap of satan.

  22. Come to think of it .Is it that the pastor went alone to london without protocols only him with nobody. Initially i wanted to believe the story am beginning to Have my doubts I heard the girl is a media personality maybe dts why the pastor invited her to join the crew or workforce. Really how can the pastor go alone to Uk with no protocols the girls story seem so not too true it looks more like a blackmail of sort. Even if the pastor slept with her it was consensual she wanted it . Forget about the power thing its because she wanted to allow it . My own is old Habit die Hard.

  23. I know the pastor very well and my objective opinion is that it is just a scam.Coza is a treat to so many churches and it could be one of their tricks to put a check on expansion. But if COZA is truely God’s idea no one can stop it.

    1. u know the pastor very well.he’s ur dad,uncle or u stay in same house,sleep on same bed?maybe u shuld try know ursef better b4 knowing some else.

  24. @Ajenajeyi, are u so dumb dat u can’t read btw lines? U are so blind dat u can’t c wats happenin in our religious industry? And u are so daft dat u can’t c d diff btw a pastor and a politician?
    How could u, when all u are paid to do is mischief? Well, I’ll clear u on some salient point in the Ese Walter’s saga and I’m going to use the scriptures…”If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things have passed away Behold! All things have become new”. She could have been a loose girl then who is in need of salvation. I think that’s the reason she came to church. She’s a new creature now and I believe that’s the reason she is having this serious guilt syndrome.
    I don’t think Ese Walter is a loose girl now and neither do I believe in the sainthood of Pst Fatoyinbo, all I want u to see here is the mandate given to the individuals. This is a Leader/Follower scenario. She’s not left much choice by the Pst.
    She was lost then and she came looking for direction, the Pastor’s effortless job is to feed, guide and lead the sheep of Christ. Going by your supposition, let’s say she’s loose and she enjoyed the act, does that makes it right on the part of the Pastor? Don’t you know “to whom much is given much is expected”? If this is what you get when you come to the house of God then what is the essence?
    Pls look at the issue critically; Men of God are suppose to be strong and caring spiritually not weak and manipulative carnally. And whenever issues like this comes up let’s try as much as possible to be objective…

    1. @ collins am truli impressed wit d way u speak nd dis is a true demonstration of a christian spirit pls keep it up

  25. Aderonke….it seems u are emotionally sick. I see u are devoid of emotions. Probably, u av a crush on this randy pastor. I guess u are a COZA zombie we are campaining against. When a woman like u is talking u listen first, show a little empathy…… U sound like an immature mumu now

    U are next on your pastors hitlist…hippocrate!!

  26. Wow.. Just yesterday my frnd said to * Nigerian women will never support u wen ur little voice finally comes up and u tell ur pain… Instead dey will raise down d roof and rain insults on u asking if u r being tied where u are et all.. But wen d damage is done dey will come up with all sorts of harshtags and pretend dey actually care! Same ppl dat wud advice u speak up are also d same Ppl dat will call u names wen u do! It takes a lot for someone to speak out so pls wen dey do let’s not crucify dem! Dis ese gal might just be telling d truth but of cos d other party is a *PASTOR* she’s d devil… If it were a politician,am sure d reaction towards her wud be different! Let’s be honest here with ourselves if we dare to be sincere to our hearts! How many ladiies here wud say * dey haven’t seen cases or even d victm of some pastors dat wud harras u sexually to d extend u start asking ur self questions?* its everywhere and it happens on a daily basis! But of cos ppl are quick to saying words like * you seduced him*, *u made urself noticed* bla bla bla… Oh puleeeeasseee let’s take a seat and sit on it and think properly before we kill people with our words even before dey are dead! We shd learn how to support each other and stop acting up cos we weren’t der and don’t knw whom may be telling d truth!

  27. Ego, go back and read her story very well, she said on her first invitation she was afraid thinking her “runs girl” life had found her out. So how come of the (many) faceless men she slept with, it’s only the “popular pastor” that she developed a guilt complex towards. I think she must have been paid by distractors to go this far. However we wrestle not against flesh and blood……

    1. Ayenajeyi, don’t mix things up, she never denied having a crazy life in the past..but don’t you think she has the right to be baffled by someone who she thinks will lead her to God encouraging to involve in the same things she wishes to run away from?

  28. Am a woman… And sincerely speaking there is nothing new under the sun, also there 3 sides to a story “your side, their side, and the truth”. Dnt be quick to judge Ese Walter seriously! Well, God is the judge of us all and evryone would answer to him on the last day.. You and I, the pastors , Bishops and even Ese…..
    I read through the story twice and I feel there is an atom of truth in it just lyk “in every joke there is an atom of truth in it”

  29. On earth,no man is perfect,that is why same pastors alway said:do what I preach,don’t do what I do.but is only God who konws what happen….

  30. PIt’s sad but true. Nigerian women always talk bout things on the surface but honestly, we do not support one another when it comes down to the wire. It’s d same reason majority of rape cases are never reported. As insane as we think oyibo women are when they start coming out of the woodwork whenever a man has an affair in the US or UK, they do this as a means of banding together. So that nobody can accuse the initial babe involved of wanting to bring an innocent man down or branding her a liar. We have given too much power to these ‘men of God’ but we forget that last last, they are still men. I know we should not judge them but I’m proud of Ese for stepping up and doing something in order to free her conscience. May God grant you the forgiveness you seek and grace to be able to lift your head high and weather this crazy storm.

  31. I agree with you completely, women are always blamed…even by WOMEN, I know a rape victim who was “crucified” by women, these women make it worse for victims who recoil to their shells & never speak out. The result…the men are emboldened to strike even harder.

    1. Aderonke….it seems u are emotionally sick. I see u are devoid of emotions. Probably, u av a crush on this randy pastor. I guess u are a COZA zombie we are campaining against. When a woman like u is talking u listen first, show a little empathy…… U sound like an immature mumu now

      U are next on your pastors hitlist…hippocrate!!

  32. Aunty edo ju or or watever your name is, u sound very biased in this ur write up so ild tell u to shut up and pray for forgiveness! You already believe her story so even if d truth slaps u on d head, I doubt uld believe anyway! Ese walters is a liar and u r an agent from hell to ruin the church! May GOD forgive u for spreading more lies! I believe in facts and so far she hasn't done dat which dsnt make sense becos if she really had d audio recording like she said, I'm sure she wld have released it as well….r u all so desperate to believe lies about the church???

    1. You are the one who sounds biased and it is obvious you are α COZA member. Is It so- hard to believe the so- called pastor could do such α thing? It is true women are their fellow women’s worst enemies. I know some of them purposely shake their bums in front of the pastor and do the “notice me” so- why won’t you feel she is lying. Take α chill pill COZA voltron.

    2. From all you have said you are just one of them very blind sheep that excuses every wrong from a ”Pastor” Frankly the only bias I see here is from your dim wit comment. Ese is a Lawyer she knows the consequences of defamation before coming forward, if you dig deep into the Pastors antics it is everywhere that he has a weakness for women. So please educate yourself and empathise with the young Lady

  33. Nigerian women are terrible!they don’t support themselves.apart from this Ese Walter story I know churches where the pastors abuse its female members using the word of God to shut the victims up,promising them better lives.we need to support each other because you don’t know who is next.females are usually the victim.let us be wise and stop all this brain-washing pastors from deceiving us.

  34. Most nigerians are so blinded by the truth. Thinking that a pastor or an imam can do no wrong. The earlier we start seeing these imams and pastors as human being the better for us. New level of grace my foot. If it was a pastor that had an affair with Ese imagine if it was a politician,By now Nigerians would have finish killing him via media.

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