Opinion: President Buhari’s absence at his daughter’s wedding is not an example of modesty

by @paulutho

On Friday 28/10/2016, President Buhari’s daughter got married in Daura, but the President stayed back in Abuja & some people have been falling over themselves, citing his absence at his daughters wedding as an example of ‘modesty’. The same modesty the President exhibited during the campaign when he drank from a N30 sachet of Milo that is now N50 in less than 2 years of his admin.

What our colleagues fail to tell their readers is that

1. This is not Buhari’s daughter’s first wedding.

2. She is marrying as a 4th wife to a 57 year old man.

If that is not enough to stay back at Abuja and join them in the night, I don’t know what else will. For the sake of his daughter, I won’t go into further details about her personal life. Those who want to ‘praise-sing’ for their god can do a research on it. But suffice it to also say that this daughter that got married is not Aisha’s daughter but his daughter from his late wife. By the way, have you heard anything about his children from his late wife since he became President?

But where was this modesty when a lavish party was held in the villa for the President’s children immediately after their graduation from a UK (not a Nigerian) University?

Where was this modesty when the President’s 16 year old daughter flew first class abroad?

Where was this modesty when the President’s daughter reportedly wore a N 200k earring & the wife wore a N 1.3 million overcoat to Brussels?

Where was this modesty when the President went from drinking N30 Milo sachet during his campaign (that is now N50) to wearing a flashy 1953 Horsebit Leather Loafer Gucci shoes that according to the Gucci online store cost $640 which if converted at $1 to N345 cost N223,905 with Nigeria in recession?

Where was this modesty when the First Family all traveled to the US to attend the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). I wonder what the Buhari apologists would have said if Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had done that

Is Nigeria’s case really any different under this admin where the Chief of Staff is reported to have received a N500 million bribe from MTN; where the SGF is reported to have used N270 million to clear grass at the IDP camps where officials drug and rape women & adolescent girls; where sitting Ministers are accused of corruption and bribing judges; where the Legal Adviser and member of the Board of the APC is reported to have paid money into judges accounts for burial rites (and paid some in advance); where the President is asking to borrow a whopping $30 billion two months to the end of the year (an amount higher than our 2016 budget); where this administration wants to borrow $550 million for satellites?

I can go on and on but I could end up in a cell if I do, as this administration (unlike the last), has no respect for Freedom of Speech.

But back to the matter. I’ll advise the Buhari apologists to hold on to their gun powder just a little while longer and pray for Zahra to get married while Buhari is in office. Until then, there’s nothing modest to celebrate about a man who reluctantly attended his daughter’s wedding, citing official engagement as an excuse.

I am @paulutho

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