Peregrino Brimah: Itse Sagay – A rare gem in the midst of brash stones

by Peregrino Brimah

I understand when I am referred to as an insatiable and indomitable critic. With Nigeria so far behind, I take no prisoners when condemning mediocre officials and the wicked cabal. However, when I do spot men of exemplary character every now and then, I actually do rain praises on them. Itse Sagay is one such rare individual.

Initiating Whistleblower Program

Who initiated the whistleblower program that worked so well till the cabal and presidency got to it? No other than Itse Sagay, chairman Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PAC).

The program has since been destroyed, with whistleblowers being hounded and with the cover-up of Ikoyi $43 million by the Buhari presidency among other infractions to the program.

Slamming Buhari, Osinbajo for Disobeying the Law

While all Buhari officials bundled together, justifying the continued illegal detention of Nnamdi Kano, Dasuki and Sheikh Zakzaky and wife, Sagay broke ranks and called on the Buhari government to respect the law, obey the courts and free them. Noble!

Restructuring: Condemning Obasanjo’s Evil 1999 Constitution, Anti-Nigeria Reforms

On restructuring, again Itse Sagay has been boldly on the right side of history. He condemned the 1999 Constitution and evil handiwork of chief cabal and #1 enemy of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo. Like most of us progressives, he requested a restoration of the wise 1963 Constitution. His words,

“So, that was the spirit which the 1963 Constitution, you had the powerful regions and the federal level where concentration was on matters of common interest like foreign affairs, defence, currency, immigration and others; but the bulk of activities were transferred to the regions because they were closer to the people and the Constitution recognised that these regions contained people with different backgrounds, historically and otherwise.

“You will recall that with the 1960 and 1963 constitution, each region kept 50 per cent of its natural resources, they contributed 20 per cent to the federal government and then, the remaining 30 per cent was shared by all the regions on the basis of need.” Vanguard, August 11, 2017

He calls for the devolution of powers and for ruling politicians to stop syphoning public funds. He gets it.

Battling Cabal at the Banks

In battling the cabal established by Obasanjo and currently sustained by the banks, led by Apex bank boss and former bank chairman Godwin Emefiele, Itse Sagay has declared that they will soon pursue bank managers. He is fearless and relentless in pursuit of the corrupt.

Calling private sector fraud “enormous,” Sagay SAN said, “…not much has yet been achieved in the area of conviction for corruption and financial fraud…” while condemning the level of private sector corruption by the vulturous cabal. He hates the cabal as we all do or should.

Condemning CCT Scandalous Trial and Acquittal of Crooked Saraki

When Buhari’s Corruption Tribunal judge, Danladi Umar and the Buhari prosecution let Saraki off the hook by not tendering and discounting the necessary evidence, Itse Sagay did not mince words in condemning the injustice to Nigeria and perpetuation and protection of corruption. He came under immediate onslaught of Saraki and a sleuth of hired media trolls for joining anguishing Nigerians like many of us in calling the process a sham and insult to the nation’s conscience and faith in the law.

8th Senate, Worst in History – Sagay

As the Senate continues to swallow the largest slice of Nigeria’s income, once again Itse Sagy has not been in the least hesitant to cry for decency and decorum. While Buhari and Osinbajo look away, he is baring his teeth against the greedy Senate whose members as he lamented, each swallow N3 billion a year. No surprise, the upset immoral, lazy and sleazy Senate have asked Buhari to call him to order. I won’t count on Buhari not trying to do so.


Unlike Buhari who covered up and condones the $43 million Ikoyi stash and Babachir Lawal, Sagay was unreserved in his condemnation of the duo.

He has called for the sack of AGF Malami for insubordination.

Called the corruption in the judiciary, “a crime against humanity.”

Asked for stiff punishment for SAN attorneys frustrating anti-corruption war.

I can go on and on.

I have repeatedly emphasized that I will step aside for Attorney Femi Falana, SAN if he decided to run for the presidency. Like Falana, Sagay has typically stood on the right side of justice, and I will gladly campaign for him too for the presidency. My only reason for deciding to abandon my comfortable life in America and come to serve and lead Nigeria is to provide an environment of justice on which real growth can finally be achieved. Without justice, there can never be peace and without peace, whatever is built in years gets destroyed in days. Additionally, with the current pervasion of corruption and public-private partnership in handing Nigeria over to the cabal, the nation is only being tricked that it is making progress while in essence it is making the cabal and creating an environment where the masses will be rendered permanent slaves.

I doff my hat to Itse Sagay.

Nigerians are happy to know that where God conscientiousness, morality and principle seem lost, there still exist a few men who possess these qualities, like Itse Sagay who dare to say the truth to the government, even while serving in high capacity.

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