[The Presidential Blog] 5 things we learnt from the President’s Christmas message

The President has just delivered his Christmas address to Nigerians. One would have thought he’d deliver the address tomorrow but then, it doesn’t hurt to do things early.

It’s a 12-paragraphed address heavily-laced with most of the things that concern us as a nation right now.

We could just reproduce it but we’d do you one better. Here are the 5 things to takeaway from the address:

  1. It isn’t just the season to be merry

Especially not this year and the President has made that very clear. On the whole it’s grim message.

However, it’s not all depressing because “as we celebrate this year’s Christmas”, the President will like us all to remember the “earthly sojourn” of Jesus during which he “repeatedly reminded his disciples and followers of peace that comes in the midst of trials and tribulations on earth.”

So then we must seek for peace amidst all of this recession. According to the President, “we can have peace in Nigeria if we all learn to tolerate and appreciate one another, respect constituted authority; and be our brothers’ keepers in word and deed.”

Who can fault that?

2. These messages have become very routine

It will be unfair to call it just that because obviously, a lot of thought goes into preparing these addresses – be it Christmas, Eid or New-year.

Yet, if you’ll just cast your mind back to the U.S Elections. Remember that 2-minute long unexpected #ElectionNight speech President Barack Obama provided to BuzzFeed? “The sun will surely rise again …”

Sometimes it just makes us wish some of our own leaders will surprise us like this. Maybe even blow our minds away from time to time.

3. “During this period, we should remember to offer special prayers to God for all our heroic citizens”


Those “who paid the supreme price to restore peace and security in the North East and other flash points in the country.” The President wants us to remember them in our prayers as well as the security forces on the front line in the continuing battle to rid our nation of terrorism and violence.

We hope the President will also spare sometime to remember the soldiers who recently claimed that even though the Boko Haram terrorists haven’t killed them yet, thirst and hunger is.

4. Did you know President Muhammadu Buhari’s top priority is poverty alleviation not anti-corruption?

“Our immediate priority is to alleviate the poverty of Nigerians by quickly stimulating the economy. I assure Nigerians that our government is doing its best to make life easier for all.”

Well, now you do.

“Let us therefore, renew our hope in the God-ordained unity, progress and prosperity of our great nation.”

5. People are still travelling on the 24th

To end his address, the President wished all travellers safe trips. You’d think that people were too broke to make the usual home runs this Christmas but no, there’s been so much in the news about travellers these past few days and the President too knows this.

“Merry Christmas.”

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