[The Presidential Blog] No, Minister Lai, it is your administration that came unprepared to end the food crises

This administration is no stranger to blaming it’s failures and inadequacies on everybody else – from former President Goodluck Jonathan to every single person that has led the country in the past or that is not part of the current team. It’s not starting to irk – it has always been annoying. However, it is starting to make us question if anybody currently within the Aso-Rock had any business being put there in the first place.

Let us assume that the secrecy that normally shrouds government dealings in Nigeria did not give President Muhammadu Buhari (and everyone else responsible for governance today) any idea as to how horribly handled our finances were pre-election. Let’s play “what-if” quickly …

So, there they were, genuinely surprised to find “empty” coffers. Confused as to how to go ahead, they have had to go on a loot-recovery hunt around the world but efforts to actually recover those funds have been frustrated for the most part and that is the reason why Nigeria is eyeball-deep in a recession that has seemingly wrecked only ordinary Nigerians. An alternative explanation will lead us to blame the situation on the dense economic policies of this administration – from not floating the Naira early enough (or at all) to acting like they don’t know what it really means to cut down on government spending. But we are playing “what-if” so let’s go with the first reason okay?

So that puts the blame for recession in Jonathan’s lap right? 

Now, how can this government come today to tell us that the impending food crises will last for even longer than we may have hoped because the Boko Haram crisis that caused Northern farmers to drop their hoes still persists till date. There’s no way to play “what if” with that. The fault for this lies solely in this administration’s lap. Let’s explain:

So Boko Haram struck in 2009 and has continued since then. The crises has led to loss of lives, property, displacement of whole communities and crowding of the metropolis with more people with those who fled. It has also negatively affected the economy and finally, it has created a horrible food scarcity.

But the thing is that this has being the case for about six years now – a fact that even the Minister acknowledges – long before the elections and long before President Buhari was sworn in. Also, enough time for him to have decided that he could not take on the task of solving the food crises if elected.

Mr. President, his Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Finance, the Vice-President at least should have been well aware of the implications of the food crises and should have come in battle-ready to confront it. That is what good leadership is. Planning.

What today’s story shows is that this administration came unprepared to solve the problem of food scarcity. And they are to blame for that. Not Boko Haram.

Please, we are not here for all these stories.

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