The Sexuality Blog: Cynthia Morgan (and Nigerians) need to learn to shut up and mind their business


Cynthia Morgan, talented reggae rapper with a penchant for borrowed accents (at our last count she had four though she grew up in Benin city), appropriating the cultures of other for financial gain and doing anything, no matter stupid, to draw controversy to herself and remain relevant in the fickle jollof music industry, has suddenly grown a conscience.

Who would have thought it possible?

Yesterday images surfaced of South African actress Charlize Theron on an outing with her son. Her son had his hair neatly braided (a very helpful way of caring for kinky hair) , wore some beat up sneakers and a pretty dress. Charlize Theron’s son has worn dresses before and the actress has gone on record to say that her son is quite opinionated about what he wants to wear and that she likes that he is experimental in his dress choices. Cynthia Morgan however is incensed about Charlize Theron’s parenting style and took to Instagram after getting her news from gossip micro-blogging profile Instablog9ja and went on a rant that quite simply has to be seen to be believed.

Like all Nigerians when confronted with something they dont understand or their false sense of morality tells them is wrong, poured pointless bile at a woman who neither knows her or is personally affected by her rant. She called this fairly innocuous event a ‘total outrage’, suggested that Charlize Theron ‘return’ her son back to South Africa or dress him in shorts and t-shirts (which girls wear too) and asked that ‘we’ gather and sue Charlize Theron.

First of all, this is the same Cynthia Morgan who just last year carried a child who was not biologically hers and deliberately photographed herself smoking marijuana with the boy on her hip. Smoking in the presence of a minor is a criminal offence in most first world countries, Marijuana possession is a criminal offence in Nigeria. Ms Morgan was willing to endanger a child’s life by exposing them to perception altering drugs so that people would talk about her on Linda Ikeji, YET she thinks she can comment on another person’s parenting skills.

A simple google search would have confirmed to Ms. Morgan than Charlize Theron’s son is quite comfortable wearing dresses and unlike her, does not equate them to gender. A dress is not female. People in all cultures, even in Nigeria have dress like apparel that are worn by men. A dress is quite literally an article of clothing, it means nothing if you dont project gender roles on to it.
Charlize Theron is South African, her son Jackson is South African. The fact that she adopted him doesnt make him any less her child. Just because in Nigeria, we can literally go to the village, ‘adopt’ a child, then turn them into our houseboys and domestic slaves, deny them proper education then send them away at the slightest whim, doesnt mean that it is this way anywhere else. Charlize Theron was extensively vetted by people who don’t get their news from Instablog9ja before she was allowed to adopt her son. He is her son, period. The fact that you do not like how Jackson is being parented gives you no right to insert yourself into their lives.

I honest to goodness hope that Charlize Theron sues Cynthia Morgan for defamation for going as far as to ignorantly insinuate that Charlize Theron adopted her child for racist reasons. By the time one of you lands in Jail, maybe the rest of you will learn.

Shut all the way up Cynthia Morgan, we dont want to hear another word from you, if it is not laid to a beat.

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