SK Johnson: But D’banj, why do you keep embarrassing me like this?

by SK Johnson


I have a confession,
Don’t take it personal,
I have a confession, so you got to listen
See I like Beyonce, but she dey with Jigga

I am not a big D’banj fan. I’m not even sure whether it’s spelled ‘D’Banj’ or ‘D-Banj’ or ‘D Banj’ – is the ‘b’ even meant to be in upper or lower case? I can’t tell you. However, I have been more than aware of his existence and ubiquitous presence in Nigeria’s entertainment stratosphere. I mean, that pretty much goes without saying seeing as I’m a human being and not a cockroach living in someone’s closet or something. Even cockroaches would know him, but back to the issue at hand.

For a while I have watched as D’banj has seemingly lost some of the outpouring of goodwill he was afforded by the public – most notably after that Koko Concert debacle, which we won’t even get into right now – and wondered. Like many of you I have listened to him release tepid song after tepid song and wondered some more. It’s easy to tell when someone isn’t dominating radio and TV like they once were, and for someone like D’banj, the man behind such anthems as ‘Why Me’ and ‘Endowed,’ the “fall from grace,” for want of a better term, is only too glaring. Sure, there was ‘Oliver Twist,’ which was pretty much his biggest hit to date (or something like it, at least) but the barely there acknowledgement his other songs like ‘On Top Of The World’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me Nonsense’ have inspired are not exactly what one would expect considering this is a man who at one point could have probably breathed on a track and turned it into a hit song.

This, of course, is why I was excited to hear he had been chosen to headline the 2013 edition of the much-talked-about Hennessy Artistry. Despite the fact that the only Hennessy Artistry Theme Song I ever genuinely enjoyed was 2011’s ‘Toast To The Good Life’ by Eldee, Banky W and Tiwa Savage, I was eager to hear what D’banj would serve up.

Despite the fact I have never been a fan, I was rooting for him. Let’s face it, everyone loves a good comeback.

I even ignored the overwhelming urge to roll my eyes at everything he said in this video:

hoping that he would put out something remotely interesting, if only to shake up the music industry again.

Which is why I was so disappointed to hear his official Hennessy Artistry song today:

The song is just as boring and unimaginative as it’s title: ‘Raise Your Glasses’. I suppose it’s a good thing I was never particularly emotionally invested because I would have been thoroughly heartbroken to hear this.

And no, it’s not that it’s a bad song – I mean, we hear worse everyday on the radio. He himself has even put out much worse, and we’ve more than likely all jammed to them regardless. But at this stage? D’banj, you get a plain old ‘nah’ from me.

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  1. D person u r beefing sef no even no u so ??@

  2. (SK) tell me if you are suffering from memory loss or brain damage……This is non sequitur you are a leaner,`Raise your glasses’ is an excellent song for people whose understand music. d’banj is really banga lee

  3. Mr Sk… lyk serzly…i knw sme 1 million people dnt ave jobs in wts worse dn sme1 dt doesnt ave a job is sme1 wu has so mch tym on his hands nd cannot thnk of smthn productive to do nd dts u!…D’banjs not d same old D’Banj Both Positively nd Negatively…y didnt u talk abt d Positive? Nd frm time we’ve all knwn d’banjs not a musician he’s an Entertainer..if he says Sells nd we are Entertained…bsyds Ynaija una dey fck up…sme1 sed he’s nt a Dbanj Fan nd obviously doesnt knw anythn abt D’banj nd yet wrote smthn bout D’banj nd u guys post can a carpenter carry out a surgical operation successfully?…Mr Sk Pls jst go get a Job..nd Ynaija i knw sey una no sey ds cause wahala na y una post am…pls next time post smthn dt atleast a lil sense innit..ds is Utter Rubbish!

  4. Oga SK u are a real looser. Go an find life D’ Banj is making cool money u are here posting rubbish. God punish u for dis jargon u wrote abt my own Best artist in d niija music industry.

  5. Firstly, Who Aswell believed that All This Negative Write-Ups about D’banj was Sponsored by *** (Everybody Should Know Better). Look at it from This Angle, Maybe D’banj is not at the Same Form as He was Before but I Know This Guy is Actually Doing Better Than Some Other Big Artistes in The Industry and why is it Only Him They Have time to Write Something Bad about. DonJazzy has been The Biggest Loser Since D’banj Departure By wasting His talent on Not up to Average Acts but Nobody is writing any Article about Him.
    If Everybody will look at it from This Perspective, Somebody Big is Hating on D’banj and From All The Write-Ups I Can Hear The Agony of a Very Big Loser in Conjuction with Some Wuru-Wuru Bloggers. Ya’ll Can Remain Losing and D’banj Keep Winning. Etisalat. *** N250Million is The Biggest Endorsement Ever in Nigeria. @Arabic_YQool

  6. This sk guy is simply a hater. All you have to do to see he has serious beef with the koko master is look at the songs he manage to like were the ones produced by don jazzy. I guess the theme song for afcon was also a flop. He has steady rating in the uk yet u call him a flop. Guy get a life and be reasonable. Leave the boy alone to make his money with his flop music and you don’t have hypertension for another mans success.

  7. u such a loser! if u don’t dig him, I do, and millions of people around the world. bloody bad belle!

  8. @ op re u a learner???? Mehhnn go get a live u suck ”se abi pa e – re u hungry” listen n read ma lines – RAISE UR GLASSES IN D AIR DO IT LIKE U DONT CARE WE LIVE ANOTHER DAY SO LET CELLEBRATE” Ma continue??? Ooo cover eee o cover wa 4 real….. Must every naija song b terry g ne??? Mehhn me done rape ma Replay bottom oooo best advert song den top of d world den greener pasture 4 glo….. Eja nla bangerlee deeveelee hennesy HENNELEE wat more hes d bestest… U dont no him so u can stop him…..

  9. terrible but its better than Oyato

  10. U berra go find work for lawma, cus if u tell me toast to a gud life is berra dan dis, dat shows u re deaf, must we jump to every music? Can u for once do sumtin berra wit ur life, u re gud at wat u do n hennessy didn’t reach out for u? U bera deal wit d breakup all u anti progressive, dat song is gud n d lyrics re neat n we re gonarock it. Ask d sponsor dey re already rakin in d money, take it ot leave it he is a big brand dat can sell ur product witout much noise.

  11. your just hating and who God has blessed you sure know the rest I downloaded the song yesterday and I know its a very good song BLAME IT IN THE MONEY he’s smiling to the bank y’all TEAMD’BANJ

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