‘The Bible doesn’t judge us’: Nigerian gays, lesbians protest in London (See Photos)

by Oge Okonkwo


To protest against the recently signed anti-gay law signed by President Goodluck Jonathan,  Nigerian lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexual & inter-sex in diaspora held a rally yesterday, February 20, 2014 outside Nigerian High Commission, London, to protest the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act signed into law.

According to the group, the protest was staged to state their disagreement with the anti-gay law which they said is a violation of their human rights. They were said to have delivered a protest letter to the Nigerian High Commissioner, holding a kissing spree outside the embassy as they  said “Yes to Love” and “No to Hate”.

One of the protesters,  Davis Mac-Iyalla made a statement defending their right against people who use Bible to judge them:

As for the Bible and scripture, I just try to do my best to live the way I believe a good person should and leave “the book” to others who do a great job twisting it into what they want to believe. I do use pieces to point out their imperfections, though, when they use it as a weapon against homosexuals. I have said it before, and I would say it again: If you want to live completely by the principal of the Ten Commandments, then show me where it was written that “thou shall not be gay.”

The African church must open its mind to honest conversations. The African bishops need to stop doing the talking and start listening to the LGBT people.

Rev Jide with other activists

Photos: [H/T Demotix.com]

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  1. Hey bro you are right, if they say the bible is in their favour. Then let them go to Nigeria and protest. But don't forget that the bible says go into the world and multiple. You are here protesting for "samesex "which i personally see as a treate to human race, cause if your fathers and mothers practice "samesex" you would have not be here today protesting.

  2. You people should stay dere and not come here to preach ur immoral values to our already lost youths and kids. Don't come infect us with ur bad blood. U should all be ashamed of urselves. I'm sure d next thing u'l want us sane people to be signing is animal-human marriages cos datz all the shit u do. And thank God Nigeria isn't the only African country against dis weird shit. It's totally not African to be homosexual neither is it Nigerian. U can all be refugees for all u like cos we don't need bad blood like u. Bsides,ur partners are white right? So ur stay over there should suffice u. Why come add to our myriads of problem here. U set foot on our soil, practicing ur sodomy, it's 14yrs. I wonder why not a death penelty sef cos datz wat y'all deserve for goin against God and men in dier rite senses. MtcheeeEeew

  3. You guys are very stupid….go change your ways because the kindom of God is at hand.

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