The Thread: “Choi. But I never win na” “Flames to dust” | Nigerians say their goodbyes to Frank Edoho’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

After 13 years on air, MTN has finally pulled the plug on one of Nigeria’s most beloved shows, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  The show had become as much a part of our culture as it was one of the best educational programmes on Nigerian TV. Frank Edoho’s charming personality was the icing on the cake- he gave the show the soul and steam it fired on for 13 fantastic years.

See below:

Now the show has come to an end- or a “temporary break”, Nigerians are finding it hard to say goodbye. This thread is their tribute to Frank Edoho and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.



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  1. u can’t just stop wwtbam r he best educational game show

  2. What do you expect in an economic that is completely down? Effect of change, affecting every corner of Nigeria

  3. haaaa I will miss it a lot what is the name of that man that won #10m

  4. How I wish this program did not stop o. Men my neighbors and I can’t afford to miss it. in fact it had become a major part of our weekly Routine.
    It’s full of Intrigues, exposure into the unknown world of Knowledge.

  5. that is one of my best program on TV, ohohohoh am gonna miss it so much

  6. waw! that’s a sad news to Nigerians all the best to Frank and sponsor.

  7. the program had always been so educating! really learnt so much from it. will really miss this and Frank’s charisma!
    praying for better days to come.

  8. I love u frank, I wish to see you soon on other show,……. fuck mtn for been stop the show

  9. #oh no! What a sad news. Please MTN don’t back off now because this program have help so many people to grow in their educational background and now you guys wants to close it down… Common guys, this is not fair…

  10. I miss the show already.. hope it will be back soon.

  11. I miss the show already.. I hope it will back soon

  12. So sad to say good bye, but at times good things dnt last long, hope the programme will come back soon…

  13. That was my best program so far.. well as they say all good things always end in good ways..goodbye Frank. I will miss your show…

  14. oooo what a miss.I also miss your orthodox knowledge. @frank

  15. oh it’s so painful my best program on tv has come to an end, I wish you best of luck Mr Frank.

  16. Never can say goodbye Frank. WWTBM will be back shortly. Best of luck.

  17. Oh my good God Why? am really gonna miss this educative program. Well , Franck wish u all the best.

  18. And the answers is….. we will be bk after the break…. what an interesting program .I hope it comes bk fast

  19. Good job Mr Frank. hope to cee you soon in a more attractive programme

  20. Oh, why nowwwww. Other network providers should emulate MTN. nig.

  21. this is wickedness from my beloved best network line. if after some time they fail to adjust i will change to oda network as a protest.

  22. we hop to see u guys again mtn number one network. kudos to frank. miss u

  23. Is dis april fool in june, i cant believe d is over or is it suspended for somtym, i will surly miss frank and d game.

  24. So sad that this is coming to an end for now. I will miss Frank and the program indeed. Very entertaining and educating. Kudos.

  25. i cant imagine us Nigerians staying without who want to be a millionaire. we will really missed the show

  26. Pulling the plug is not the only lifeline here na, come on Frank, try the remaining lifelines. Am gonna miss u dude. Wishing you more success in the future.

  27. Men will really miss this Mentor of Mine.. Have been watching the show since I was 16 years and Now is a gud bey @Frank I love [email protected] u guys have done very well. ur better dan Big brother niaja.
    Keep educating

  28. We will miss you frank all the same i wish you the best

  29. I’ve been preparing myself to attend this one day. Thank God its temporal. Frank is really one of the reasons I watch. Thank you Mtn

  30. my best tv game show. Thank for the opportunity to be on d show in season 11 wt 250k and one on one wt Frank.

  31. @frankodoho we ‘ll really miss u. infact am missing u already cos I am trying to compile and present my history note and hv gotten a lot from ur show. long live frank. we hope to c u guys back.

  32. Na waooooo,my whole family wil miss u so so much,especially my mum.We wish u d best GOD wld offer next.

  33. We will all miss u Frank

  34. one of the best educational show i ever seen in life i and my fellow Nigerians will miss you allot

  35. You have really contributed to larger extence to the Educational growth of Nigerians. Well done frank.

  36. This can’t be your final answer Frank, there must be another life line. ? I’m gonna miss that heart trick.
    Frankly speaking Frank I wish you all the best.

  37. This can’t be your final answer Frank, there must be another life line. ? I’m gonna miss that heart trick.
    Frankly speaking Frank I wish all the best.

  38. Haaaa Mr Frank long live and prosperity,I love you and my family.God blessing you more to rule the world.

  39. So,sad we have miss MTN educational program that use to render aid to youth.

  40. Please could other telecom giants step forward and takeover the sponsorship of @wwtbam.

  41. mhm has tried. let other campanies emmulate.

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