The Thread: “Nnamdi Kanu does not care if you die” | A warning to all Igbos in Nigeria

With Buhari’s return, military action in the South East has been stepped up. Remember Operation Python Dance launched by the Military last Christmas? It’s back with renewed vengeance, it would seem; the first port of call being Nnamdi Kanu’s house and the office of Nigerian Union of Journalists in Umuahia, where soldiers reportedly destroyed properties worth thousands of naira.

In the wake of the attack, Nicholas Ibekwe has important information for Igbos in Nigeria, whether followers of Kanu or not.

See below:


Ndi’Igbo, be kiaful.


  • Be ready to kill all of us

  • Don’t undermine a determined people, the spilling of our blood cannot make us to retreat, if the prize to restore Biafra is death so be it. But be informed that Biafra restoration is non negotiable.

  • If you say Kanu is advocating war by peaceful protest, what are Fulanis madmen raping and beheading your sisters and mothers advocating for? PEACE?

    ***Show one person killed by Kanu or Ipob, I will show you 1000 killed by your friends and masters, Fulanis. Fulanis are the only group in Nigeria who does not want restructuring, Nigeria will not be restructured. They alone enjoy the status quo.

    Those who have accepted their second class slave status because of fear, should stop insulting those who are trying to free themselves from Hausa/Fulani domination.

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