The Thread: “To have something for the boys” | Witty, eye opening answers to Pastor Sam’s question about Nigeria

Pastor Sam Adeyemi, founder of Daystar Christian Centre Church in Lagos is very passionate about Nigeria. Today, he decided to pose a pertinent question to his followers. Seeing as there is an American dream, it is only fitting for there to be a Nigerian dream, isn’t it? In fact, every country should have a dream- ideally. So what’s Nigeria’s dream? That’s what the good pastor wanted to know:

Riotous responses followed. The pulse of the people seems to swing between sullen because there is no such thing as a Nigerian dream to witty ’cause gotta have that Banana Island house to optimistic, for God is with us.

Do see below:

International Exposure


Wifi and the goodies of life

No Nigerian Dream

My Nigerian Dream


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