Timileyin Bondefaiye: Why I hate personal politics [NEXT]

by Timileyin Bondefaiye

Undoubtedly this generation has the most widespread political involvement ever since the advent of civilization. The evolution of communication technology has brought political participation to a level accessible to everyone. Social media has made it possible for everyone to be politically active, politically opinionated and by extension grant a sense of political relevance to all who decide to toe that path. While this might have seemed like a good idea to short-term thinkers at the advent of this new era, the long term effects have shown us that everyone is entitled to an opinion but most of these opinions are best left conceived and unborn in the minds of these individuals. Not everyone with a voice deserves to be heard on all issues.

To put all that grammar simply, politics f*cks everything up. All facets of human life have been politicized from personal ideology to food to gender roles, politics has installed a system of compulsory extremism in the bid to pass ones message across to the world. A very good example; Quite early this morning I went on twitter to see what the TL was saying and I saw a tweet from someone that said “Being fat sucks.’ Keep in mind that this individual is on the large side and from his previous tweets it was clear he was referring to his own condition. Here comes a modern Harriet Tubman, fighting for the liberation of all overweight individuals all over the world, launching an all-out attack on this individual that was simply venting personal frustrations, saying that he is offending all overweight people with his statement and she went on to defend her position to the point of demanding emotional restitution from the man for his actions. This instance simple shows how by activating an uncontrollable politically aware generation every issue can be made into something political.

I post a picture of my Burger and someone comments that I should consider the starving children of the Sudan and not post such images as they will inconvenience them, or the veganism movement antagonizing any individual that eats meat, behaving like they have transcended to another plane of human existence because they choose to eat like rabbits Ain’t no starving children of the Sudan checking out my Insta and definitely the suya I’m eating has no business with aunty vegan on twitter and don’t even let me start on the ‘Twitter Feminists’. But these individuals have the mindset that all personal interests are matters of political contention. This is absolute BS. If it affects only you on a personal level with no consequence to an extended group or breach of societal or natural moral ethical code?? If the answer to this somewhat complex question is no, then it should not be a political issue that leaves the confines of your own personal expression space.

I believe this is because millennials (most of the social media population) are bored. Not bored from a shortage of things to do but because all the good causes have been taken. The mid and late 90s saw almost every societal irregularity possible. They had things bigger than themselves to worry about -causes to fight for that were matters of life and death that could not be ignored and I think this can be one of the lessons from the Black Lives Matter movement. The youth have been awakened to social consciousness on a level that transcends petty personal politics. A reason to look beyond themselves to the point of trans-ideological unity and that is truly remarkable. But sadly that won’t be enough. Like all causes this will run its course and the novelty will eventually fade and people will go back to their lives and the petty barrage of imposed personal politics.

Whether your response to an issue is a genuine opinion or just a bid to get your ‘Trailer Jam’ moment, live and let live. If it’s not an issue, don’t mutate it into one.

Timileyin Bondefaiye- Owope is a modern eccentric whose Interests include international Politics, psychology, Social Media, custom knives and performance cars. In his Spare time he reads, plays basketball, listens to his extremely diversified musical collection while dreaming of ways he can become a super hero

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