Top 15 flirting moves that drive men crazy

by Gossip Queen


Whenever you are spending time with the guy of your dreams, make sure you get suddenly happy for no reason whatsoever and surprise him with a sudden hug.

1. Eyelash bat: The most common trick in the book, batting your eyelashes with an added wink will have the guy stuck on you. Fascinate him further with a seductive smirk and watch him walk up to you and strike up a conversation.

2. Lip lick: Invite him for coffee and head over to the nearest coffee shop. Keep it all casual till the coffee arrives.  Take a sip of your coffee and slowly lick the froth off your lips with your tongue.  You can also bite them as if savouring the taste for prolonged seconds and see him become like putty in your hands.

3. Falling in love: The man you desperately want to hold is standing next to you and you can do nothing to touch him. Just pretend to trip and wait for him to catch you. Take longer than usual to recover and let him hold you close. Compliment him on his strong biceps and make him go gaga.

4. Tattoo talk: Most guys nowadays have tattoos and find one way or another to flaunt them. Start a conversation with him asking about his tattoos, the story behind them or the meaning of the alien language engraved. We bet he’ll have a lot to say.

5. Tress pass: Men love women’s hair and that is one of the many first things they notice about you.  Play with your hair when around him. Take a pen or hair clip and tie your hair and after a while just pretend to be bored and let your hair loose. Let him watch you do it and we promise he will be tempted to touch your tresses too.

6. Name game: Guys love it when you take their name. When in a group, say his name when talking; be it teasing, addressing him while talking to him or even just beckoning for his attention during conversation. It sure will do the trick and every time you mention his name, a deep eye contact is inevitable.

7. Treadmill talk: Have the hots for the cutie in the gym but he is too busy sweating it out?  Wear a top and shorts that display your curves and toned legs, and make a grand entry. Admire him lift weights and then compliment him on his gruelling workout and his stamina. Make sure you are not sweaty during that conversation.

8. Pick ’em up: The conversation is over and so is the evening, and he is still to get romantic. Don’t waste time waiting for him to make his move.  Just stand close to him as he is on your doorstep bidding you farewell, and start touching him as if you are trying to pick crumbs off his shirt.  Your tender touch will surely make him lean in for more.

9. Shop hop: Guys hate shopping and the ones who make a trip to the mall or the stores once in gazillion years need to be guided on what is to be bought.  Offer help to the guy of your dreams as he shops for work or party wear.  Whenever he comes out from the trial room, tease him mercilessly… and compliment his butt or chest too ;-). This is sure to increase the banter and get him to notice you in a different way.

10. Noise excuse: Whenever you are in a crowded bar with him or out clubbing, try and make conversation with him. Due to the loud music or the noise around, he will have to lean in to hear you and that’s when you start with your tricks.  Breathe heavily near his ear and also laugh seductively. He’ll be oblivious to everyone around.

11. Movie mania: If you both share a common interest in movies, invite him over for a movie marathon or take him out to the movies.  While sharing popcorn, make sure you touch his hand (by accident of course:-P) again and again and share a smile every time it happens. He will start to enjoy your touch and will want more.

12. Smelly start: The next time you meet him ask him to smell the new perfume you have applied on your wrists and neck. As he bends down to take a whiff, he might just stop to nuzzle for a while.

13. Surprise hug: Whenever you are spending time with the guy of your dreams, make sure you get suddenly happy for no reason whatsoever and surprise him with a sudden hug.  If you are out bowling then be happy when you knock down all the pins and squish him with a tight hug. He will be taken aback and will return the favour soon.

14. Time tell: Forget your watch at home and ask him the time every now and then. After you have repeated the activity a few times, just slip your fingers into his and hold his hand pretending to be looking at his watch. There is a possibility he just might not let go of your hand.

15. Ass grab: Time to be blunt. Grab his ass when you guys are hugging.  Don’t go overboard and sexually harass the poor fellow, but just cop a feel of his bottom and startle him. If he wants you too, he is sure to want some more.


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