Twitter Personality: TweetOracle

by Ifreke Inyang [@ifreke]

For some Tweet handles, you don’t need to follow to see their tweets everyday on your timeline. TweetOracle invades practically every timeline with his now famed question and answer session. These days, backed with an immense followership, TweetOracle chooses a state in Nigeria and talks about them extensively via facts and quizzes. The response is always massive and each time, the state in question ends up trending.

But that’s not all to TweetOracle. In his own words he says, “I am too simple to be complicated and yet too complicated to be simple. Think too much about this and I guarantee you would have sold out your conscience to me. It’s all about assertiveness so don’t get it twisted!”

TweetOracle is known for asking questions on Twitter. This time around, he’s doing the answering!

How did you get on Twitter?

It was way back in Scotland in 2010 while I was doing my MSc course. I noticed that Twitter had a lot of buzz there, even more than Facebook. Lots of my schoolmates were on it and really encouraged me to sign up so that’s why I signed up but I never quite used that account till December last year.

Who is your favourite ‘tweep’?

I have quite a number of them though, these may include: @Twitdupri, @Emmykeys, @Thalionezz and @scarletvirgin. I mean, these tweeps have RT-friendly timelines. Reading them is just the easiest way to get inspired.

Is there any particular tweet you’ll never forget? Tell us about it.

That would be ”The DAMNation of ADAM led to the EVE-olution of EVE”. The reason why I really like this tweet more than any other I have ever tweeted is simply because of its biblical significance about the originality of sin.

Have you had any embarrassing/memorable experience on Twitter? If yes, what happened?

I have had quite a number of experiences on twitter but the one that clearly stuck to my mind was getting a DM from a US based firm informing me that they ve been monitoring my tweets and that they would like me to seriously consider publishing some of the seriously entertaining and/or inspiring tweets I post on my TL.

What are the downsides of being on Twitter?

I have always seen a number of tweeps use abusive language(s) on me, I won’t mention names but I think that’s just LOW. Eventually, some of them come around and apologise, I do quite understand that such behaviours no matter how socially unacceptable they are, I have to tolerate them on Twitter.

What are the upsides?

Just like other social networking sites, one gets to interact with different people regardless of ethnic and racial affiliations. These really boosts communication and other inter personal skills.

Has twitter gotten you more fans/friends?

Yes indeed. I have had quite some incredible followership ever since I started using my account and I have actually met some of these interesting people. It’s been fun I must say.

Many ‘tweeps’ say you have a controversial persona on Twitter. Is this true?

Yes, many tweeps say I’m controversial but then, I understand that to mean that am different. I am ruthlessly blunt on twitter. I say what’s on my mind without any fear of what people might say. My opinion is my right – I just assert it. Tweeps that don’t understand what am about basically like to consider these controversial. My regular quizzes feature where I aim to enlighten tweeps via quizzes specially designed to bring out their humourous and sarcastic best and the #TIF (Tweeting in FIVE words only) concept which I do every Friday all add up to their growing concerns and makes them wonder what sort of persona I really aim to project on twitter but then it is all about fun, isn’t it?

Describe your Twitter persona in three words.


Do you follow back readily? Why?

I have (a) 70% follow back rate and I aim to increase that to 80% or more. I do follow back but then some funny tweeps would always have a few tricks up their sleeves so am a bit picky these days.

What would possibly make you close your Twitter account?

I can’t think of anything yet though.

Twitter Stats (As at  10.10am, 22 June)

Handle: @TweetOracle

Followers:  5,161

Following: 3,087

Tweets: 70,969

Favourite tweets: 16

Comments (10)

  1. I don't regret ever following TweetOracle. My TL is never dull et al. Buh what i would never forget is that the day TweetOracle followed me (on a friday) his phone got stolen. When he didnt tweet i waz like did I scare this guy of twitter. LOL

  2. @tweetoracle is definitely someone driven by passion for what he does. Whether it feeds him or not he enjoys what he's doing on twitter and that's cool.I've learnt loads, laughed and shared his jokes on twitter.I've also loved responses from his tweets. I like to be blunt also, so I've got no problem with that trait of his. Keep it up man!

  3. Nice one brv……. Cheers and thumbs up baba oracle. And i feel no regret for following you on twitter

  4. My TL used to be a total bore until I followed TweetOracle.its been series of jokes,inspirations and knowledge since he's been on my TL.but the best part of tweetoracle is,asides trying to educate his followers,he's also been able to twitter a place where people of different tribes and religeon come together as one thereby promoting friendship.everyone following him knows when its quiz time,its also crack ya ribs time which I believe is what everyone looks forward to everyday on twitter.and I like the fact that he doesn't rate anyone higher than the other even if you are a him,we are all the same. This is just the begining for you @TweetOracle. God bless you

  5. I made no mistakes following him on twitter, his tweets educates me, one of my best guys on twitter….. Keep up the good work man, you rock *wink*

  6. I hope he works cos Twitter won't feed him…. Psssssccchheeeeeewwww!!

  7. Yo aura cool nyce one tho…..we gt u n watch keenly while u set trend n others kip hating, its onlyy natural, gave up on twittin at u wen I realised ur Tl ws becomin busier dan oshodi…olorun….be safe man *Tuale*

  8. He is my choice of d most creative n outstanding tweep. He's a rare combination of beauty n brains (tho in his case he is handsome. ℓ☺ℓ). I saw d beauty of twitter d moment I decided to follow him… Kudos Angel

  9. Bravo! I respect tweetoracle a lot. His tweets inspire me,motivate me and always make me laugh,most of all Educative and informative. He's a meanie though…lol

  10. Wow. You keep doing your thing no matter how haters seem to get on your nerves and your tweets only show the sky's just a starting point for you. You're definitely one of my favourite tweeps. Keep it up. Three words: Simply Aura Cool.

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