#UltimateLoveNG: Dynamics behind the finalists

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks, largely as a result of the adversities the world is currently faced with. Luckily, DSTV subscribers and fans of reality TV have been treated to the latest original Nigerian content; Ultimate Love. 

The reality show was created to entertain people who crave love drama in their programmes; portray the sort of romance synonymous with the Nigerian society today while helping the contestants attain the goal of finding true love. Fortunately, the show has done more than entertain, as it has also helped in distracting our mind from the troubling news making rounds in the media.

Ultimate Love has delighted its audience over the last six weeks, but sadly, the show must come to an end and an ultimate couple must emerge.

Here’s our analysis on the five finalists:

Iykeresa: With Iyke clocking 24 and Theresa 23, Iykeresa are the youngest of all housemates. Being the youngest couple in the house, they leave us in amazement as to how they show maturity most in the house. Without exaggeration, not only do they find a way to overcome the obstacles that threaten the sanctity of their relationship, they barely leave any room for any.

Issues between them are repressed as quickly as they arise. They seem to have genuine love for each other and their life together ahead of them, which may be why they deserve to be the Ultimate Couple.

Chivia: It’s cool, calm and collected for this pair. It’s hard to imagine any couple in the Love Pad who has had as few altercations as Iykeresa, except of course when you consider Chivia. They shatter any of such expectations. For Chiddy Banks and Sylvia, it is a love tale with a lot of promise founded atop mutual respect for one another.

Carefree, less interest in gossips and feuds; they exude maturity after the likes of rivals, Iykeresa who share something special and true. They are a perfect pair who have given the audience nothing to behold but a tranquil, mellow and romantic display of affection.

DoubleChris: The analogy that best describes DoubleChris is “Us vs the world.”  A couple who manage to quell each other’s flaws. Chris is a woman who is religiously true to her feelings, has no interest in concealing her emotions but can sometimes be feisty.

Enter Ville – her pacifier, when this pair are together, it’s ‘Them vs the World.’ They share similar ideals, like the same people, disagree with the same people, understand each other, respect each other, are super cute together and above all, share love that is near-pure but subtle.

Bolar: Albeit reserved, they’ve been one of the few couples whose growth throughout the entire show is evident. They eased their way into each other’s arms and haven’t looked back ever since. There is evidence of sincerity in their relationship and perhaps when they leave the Love Pad, away from the pesky watch of the cameras, they may become more comfortable and take their relationship a step further.

Roksie: Arguably the most loved couple on social media, Roksie have used their time in the house to show us how blissful an understanding relationship can be.

First of all, they effortlessly did away with their ethnic barrier, choosing only to find character in the individual and not the tribe. Kachi went ahead to do the sweetest thing ever, as he set aside the fact that Rosie has two kids already and promised to accept them as his, if Rosie would in turn accept him.

The pair are always in each other’s company, choosing to exempt themselves from the drama in the house while serving the audience streamy doses of couple goals.

Best of luck guys!


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