#UltimateLoveNG: The couple system may be ruining some of the housemates’ chances

It’s the beginning of a new week and as expected the Ultimate Love Pad is now one Couple short following the Sunday Night Eviction Show.

On Sunday, Jeriton; Meriton and Jerry, were evicted from the Ultimate Love Pad, in an emotion-laden night. Friends of the couple were sad to see them go and much more could be said for their fans who already seemed invested in their ship.

The show began a month ago, but prior to this week’s eviction, only one couple; Micherry had been evicted, but with this week’s eviction, two is probably not enough to go by, as there seems to be this recurring theme of the ‘crab and the basket.’

This is the second week in a row, where fans seem irate that a couple was evicted based on who they were hitched with. The couples who have been evicted from the house so far, were not necessarily evicted because of a collective fan base, but because one person in the relationship probably wasn’t able to pull their own weight.

Last week was a bit of an anomaly, as no one really expected Micherry to be evicted, but one scroll through social media and it becomes clear that it wasn’t Micherry the couple that elicited a surprising response from the fans but Cherry. Yes, Michael had a fairly substantial fan base, and these people enjoyed seeing him in the house, but asides this dedicated fan club, it wasn’t him that people were generally sad to see go, it was Cherry.

Most people sad to see the couple go alluded to the fact that they would miss the fun bunny, dance-loving Cherry, and it was only a fraction of that sympathy that was afforded to Michael.

This week was no different. From the conversations on social media surrounding the show, it’s no secret that Jeriton wasn’t the most popular couple, regardless, their eviction had a number of fans feeling more for Meriton than Jerry, and had them wondering if Meriton would have been evicted if she had a different partner, some even want as far as blatantly blaming Jerry for the couple’s eviction.



It goes without question that Aunty may need to revisit this couple system, and perhaps create a new one where she tests individuals with other people, to know what relationships fit and which don’t. This after all is the purpose of the entire program; to create the perfect couple.

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