YNaijaBBNCoverage: Kiddwaya and Erica are both a strike away from disqualification and other updates

This past weekend in the Big Brother Naija house, to say the least was a bucket load of drama. From Kiddwaya and Erica’s relationship drama to literally more Kiddwaya and Erica’s relationship drama. There was more than enough heart-wrenching theatrics going on between the lovebirds to keep the fans engaged.

Big Brother delivers some news

Moments before the Sunday night live eviction show, Big Brother called in to deliver some good, and bad news to the housemates. On the good news, Big Brother informed Nengi and Prince that Pepsi has decided to reward them for winning the jigsaw challenge a few days ago. The prize earnings include an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai for the One Music Fest, and ₦250,000 each.

Kiddwaya gets a second strike

Big Brother issued Kiddwaya a second strike and Erica got a strong warning for some profanity towards Biggie and the audience.

Apparently, Erica and Kiddwaya have been caught on several occasions flipping Big Brother off. This didn’t sit right with Biggie, as it is in clear violation of the rules. As such, punishment had to given to the pair, but Big Brother made sure to exercise some patience as another strike for Erica would mark her third, and a third strike means disqualification. She was able to escape with a strong and final warning.

As it stands, it’s safe to say that this rebellious pair, are walking on eggshells as both contestants have two strikes each.

Discussion with Ebuka

During the live eviction show, Ebuka dropped in to ask the housemates a few table shaking questions. The focus was primarily on relationships in the house.

Housemates weigh in on relationships


Trickytee was asked to weigh in on the relationship between Ozo and Nengi, and he had a few interesting things to say. According to his analysis, Ozo and Nengi do give off some couple vibes, but there are times when Nengi says something, and he is not so sure that they are a couple any more.

He said it may be that she is hiding her feelings. But as far as threats to their relationship goes, Trickytee says they have none.


Dorthy was asked about Wathoni and Brighto’s relationship and she didn’t have much to say. She stated that she is not in their room, so doesn’t know much about their situation. She also claimed to be happy for them, when Ebuka asked how she felt about them being together.


On Prince and Tolanibaj, Ozo says he wasn’t sure if they liked each other, but he acknowledged the fact that they spend a lot of time together. He concluded that he feels like Prince does like her.

Laycon gets thrown under the bus

Later during the live eviction show, Ebuka decided to put Laycon on the hot seat. He asked Laycon about his claim that Erica tried to kiss him. This shook the room as Laycon briefly struggled with a response.

He eventually stated that it happened when Erica was under the influence, but one look at Erica’s face made it clear that she wasn’t pleased.

She asked Laycon to elaborate on the incident the moment Ebuka went off-screen, and Laycon stated that he doesn’t want to talk about it at that moment.

Nengi’s toilet story

Yesterday, after the Saturday night party, things got a little messy with Ozo and Nengi. It began when Ozo and Neo walked into the toilet and saw Kiddwaya and Nengi in a rather interesting position. Basically, Nengi’s zippers were down, and Kiddwaya was a bit too close to her.

Picturing the image, it is easy to see why Ozo evidently became upset. He imagined the worse and decided to speak to Nengi about it.

Ozo demands an explanation

After Ozo brought up the issue, in a private conversation they had in the head of house lounge, Nengi attempted to set the record straight, explaining that nothing happened. She narrated that she needed to get her zippers up and asked Kidd, who was there at the time to help her with it. She stated that it was that moment that Neo and Ozo stepped in. But she reassured Ozo that nothing happened, claiming that Kidd is just like a brother to him.

He is like a brother to me, just like you are a brother to me,” she stated, recklessly tossing Ozo into the brother zone.

Kiddwaya and Erica relationship drama 

If you wish to talk about a dramatic relationship in the house, look no further than Erica and Kidd. These two in just a few days, have gone through enough emotional turmoil to fill up the script of a romantic telenovela drama series.

It began on Friday when Erica accused Kiddwaya of being emotionally distant and eventually spilled onto the next day when Erica accused Kiddwaya of being too touchy with other girls in the house.

Erica’s squabble with Kidd on Saturday was that he licked his spilled drink off of Dorothy’s breasts. This rubbed her off the wrong way, and she confronted Kidd about it. They talked it over, and Kidd was able to reassure her that it meant nothing, and he was sorry.

Fast forward some moments later, Erica sighted Kidd with Nengi in a compromising position. Erica again didn’t appreciate this and called Kidd out for it, stating that he is too loose with other girls in the house. Kidd tried to explain to her that she is making a big deal of the issue. But Erica wasn’t having it.

“You think I’m a clown?” She queried.

Somewhere in their back and forth conversation, they came close to calling off their relationship but were able to hold their tongues. Kidd told her that she is too controlling and paranoid, and he is tired of all the fighting. “If you are tired, just say the word” Kidd stated. Erica was careful not to say anything, and they both walked out on each other.

Other parties intervene 

Seeing as they were both too upset to talk things out, both Erica and Kidd sought reason from other housemates. Erica spent some time crying in Tolanibaj’s arms while she explained that she feels too much for Kidd to just turn off her emotions.

Kidd, on the other hand, decided to rant to Dorothy, explaining to her that Erica has a habit of blowing things out of proportion.

At the end of the night, Erica found herself in Kidd’s bed, as the lovers spent the long night together.

Kidd calls Nengi boring

The event that had caused Kiddrica so much heartache had ironically evolved around a conversation where Kidd called Nengi boring.

Nengi had confronted Kidd to ask why he keeps avoiding her, Kidd told her that it was because he felt bored with her, and thought their friendship had reached its half-life.

Only if Erica knew that the conversation she was fussing over, was one where her man called the girl that’s making her upset, boring. On the other hand, if she hears of the toilet story, she may just lose her mind.

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