#YNaijaBBNCoverage: Kiddwaya reminds housemates that he is HOH, and can’t be evicted

Could this be another failed week for the housemates? It’s the second day of the week and tensions are already sky high. From fighting over food, to near-violent disagreement on ideas for task presentations, it’s beginning to look like another one of those weeks.

Kiddwaya drops the bomb

To be a leader, you have to be assertive, or maybe empathetic, perhaps you need a lot of wisdom also. It would seem that having these qualities in the Big Brother Naija house, as a head of house is of little impact. While it helps, it doesn’t necessarily translate to success, when you have to govern some of the most dramatic people on national television.

Kiddwaya yesterday, having being in charge for just a day, seemed to have had enough. In a momentary lapse of judgement, he yet again dropped another humble brag. This time, not about his wealth, but his chances of surviving.

We all know that the head of house, and deputy head of house have immunity from eviction every week. Kiddwaya made sure to let the other housemates know too. While the housemates argued over how to presents the Thursday weekly wager, they got into a bit of an argument. Well, honestly, it was more than a bit.

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They argued relentlessly, until Kidd lost it and said, that next week he will still be here. Implying that, someone would inevitably be evicted this coming Sunday, and it certainly wouldn’t be him. “Someone has to say it.” He reiterated.

Kidd’s statement receives some backlash

Kiddwaya’s assertion rubbed some of the housemates the wrong way. Wathoni and Lucy, specifically, were having none of it. They opted to ruin the whole presentation, than stand for Kiddwaya’s leadership. Lucy and Wathoni left the group and went to their rooms, all the while raving over what Kiddwaya had said. “That wager will not hold, we must lose that wager!” Lucy said to Wathoni and Praise in a feat of rage.

They went on for sometime, about Kiddwaya and Erica being terrible heads of house, and how the things they sometimes say are offensive. Praise did attempt to defuse the situation, by talking to both ladies, but Lucy refused to continue with the meeting. She went to bed.


Kiddwaya apologizes 

After a private conversation with Erica and Brighto, Kiddwaya decided to apologize for his words. Brighto had told Kidd that he needs to apologize for his words, as what he said may make him come across as arrogant. Erica agreed, stating that he should at least apologize, for those watching.

He initially remained stubborn to their request, stating that the context in which he made the statement was not out of arrogance, but a reality check. Brighto, however, argued that the fans wouldn’t see it that way.

In the end though, he agreed to apologize. First apologizing to Wathoni in person with a hug, then to the whole housemates.


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Kiddwaya apologizes to Wathoni for the misunderstanding. Now she can be happy again.

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Erica confronts Laycon 

It’s been a week since an almost obsessive Laycon decided that, for his mental peace at least, he has to give Erica some space. So far, we can honestly say that he has kept to his word. The proof in this situation, is in the pudding, as Erica has seems, more than anyone else, to have noticed.

Yesterday, they both had a conversation over said issue, and Erica asked why Laycon was being hostile towards her. To his point, he wasn’t, he simply was keeping to his word, but Erica didn’t see it that way. She told Laycon that he can be distant and but this feels like hostility.

She also told him that she felt like she has done something to him, for him to be so quiet to her. But Laycon reassured her that he holds no animosity towards her.

 “I’m not comfortable with the fact that you’re acting as if I’ve done something evil to you. I’ll like to know why it’s happening and if should continue to expect this cold attitude.” Erica said.

 “Do you think I’m doing that consciously? You haven’t done anything to me.” Laycon replied.

She later asked him to be specific, on why he was being so distant. Laycon told her to figure it out. And that concluded their conversation.

Erica, would go ahead to tell Kiddwaya about the conversation, telling Kidd about Laycon telling her to figure it out didn’t make sense to her. She also said that things may eventually get better outside the house.

Neo buys Vee and expensive gift

It’s Vee’s Birthday today, and Mr. Boyfriend is desperate to do something romantic. To surprise his bae, Neo made a request of Big Brother, to deliver some flowers for her birthday. Biggie’s response however wasn’t cheap. Big Brother instructed head of house; Kiddwaya to pass on a message to Neo. Big Brother issued that for the flowers to come, Neo must be willing to sacrifice all his BB Naira for the week.

It seems a tough decision but anything for love right? Neo, happily made the sacrifice. This was coming after he had already sacrificed one of his shirts, as payment for the flowers, to Big Brother.

Apparently, the shirt didn’t suffice, and Big Brother demanded something more, all of Neo’s money. It was heart warming to see that Neo didn’t hesitate to go all out for boo.

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