#YNaijaBBNCoverage: Lucy and Nengi’s explosive fight turns the drama up a notch

Lucy and Nengi

From the housemates first Weekly Task’s wager win, to seeing Ozo lose his temper for the first time, to Erica getting incredibly drunk during the Saturday Night Party, this previous week held no shortage of drama, and what better way to cap the week off than ending it with the same energy.

Lucy and Nengi’s Fight

Just moments after the Live Eviction show, the mood in the house quickly shifted from sober to rowdy, thanks in no small parts to Lucy and Nengi. The pair who have for some time now had some bad blood brewing between them, couldn’t hold in their animosity for each other any longer as they laid it all bare last night.

According to Lucy, Nengi had confronted her unprovoked, and it caused her to flare up. Then again, according to Nengi, Lucy had been saying some nasty things about her and she got to overhear some of it. Seeing as the origin of the fight has different versions, it’s unclear who’s word to take, but what we do know is how vicious the fight got.

These two were inches away from throwing hands, but were held back by the other housemates. While exchanging words, Lucy basically stated that Nengi is a brainless bimbo and the only thing she knows how to do is follow men. Nengi on the other hand, kept calling Lucy an amoeba, and an old lady.

Ozo did try to mediate and restore peace, but both ladies were not having it, they wanted to go all out and let out their unfiltered feelings, as none of them was willing to be the bigger person, or at least settle at their own pace. In the end, however, both ladies had a conversation about it, and Lucy apologized.

Drunk Erica

During the Saturday Night party, Erica had a bit too much to drink, and evidently couldn’t hold her liquor. While the party waged on, she seemed like her usual party self, dancing and having a great time with everyone, it wouldn’t be until after the party that we got to see how drunk she truly was.

She was so wasted that she had most of the housemates worried about her. She was escorted to her bed where she kept mumbling that she wished she didn’t like Kiddwaya, after which Kidd appeared to take care of her. He fed her, tried to talk to her, and get her to sleep as she kept behaving frantic and unruly.

Laycon, who has an unhealthy crush on her, had his reservations about Kidd being close to her, while she was in that state. His worry was that Kidd may try to take advantage of her. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case, and the rest of the night was pretty uneventful.

Laycon denounces his love for Erica

As stated earlier, Laycon seems to have developed an unhealthy attraction to Erica, one that took an uncomfortable turn through out the week, and made him hesitant to accept the fact that Erica doesn’t feel for him, the way he feels for her.

This did create some complications between the pair, and was borderline obsessive, that is until Laycon decided to give up the chase last night. During the Live Eviction show, Ebuka brought up the issue and Laycon admitted that he has feelings for Erica, one he is not sure will go away.

However, Ebuka asked him what he plans to do seeing as she doesn’t have the same feelings for him. Perhaps the question got to him and he decided to talk it out with her.

After the show, he spoke with Erica, who he told that he is going to withdraw from her. She certainly seemed saddened by his decision, but told him that she respected it. In their new pact, hugging, conversations, and cuddling have been banned.

It would certainly be interesting to see if Laycon who just a day ago seemed excessively clingy would be able to keep to his promise of staying away, especially since this is not the first time he is promising to stay away from Erica.

Tolanibaj and Wathoni make up

After a week of negative energy between Tolani and Wathoni, which originated from bed space, the two had a conversation after the Saturday Night party, and finally buried the hatchet.

When asked what she thinks about Prince and Tolani’s new relationship, Wathoni stated that Tolani does like Prince, but she always thought that it would be Prince and Nengi that would end up together.

How the housemates voted

Following the eviction process introduced this season, where the housemates get to decide who stays and who leaves, here’s how the housemates voted.

Dorothy: Tochi and Eric

Praise: Tochi and Eric

Kiddwaya: Kaisha and Eric

Nengi: Kaisha and Eric

Lucy: Kaisha and Tochi

Prince: Kaisha and Tochi

Tolanibaj: Eric and Tochi

Brighto: Trickytee and Eric

Erica: Tochi and Kaisha

Wathoni: Tochi and Eric

Laycon: Eric and Trickytee

Vee: Eric and Kaisha

Ozo: Kaisha and Tochi

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