#YNaijaBBNCoverage: Prince tells Erica that her relationship with Kiddwaya is an infatuation

Yesterday, Big Brother instructed housemates to participate in a rather interesting exercise. Owing to the absence of Big Brother, Big Brother sent in a letter to everyone, dictating that they play the role of Big Brother to each other.

This exercise, quickly turned into a therapy session for some, as they were able to air out their feelings and opinions, not just to a faceless voice, but to the person who they would rather much address. An example would be Wathoni, playing the role of Big Brother to Erica. Both ladies used the opportunity to address the hostility between them.

Interesting takeaways from sessions

While not all pairing were as compelling as Erica and Wathoni, this didn’t hinder the housemates from making some interesting remarks to one another. Here are some of the amusing things housemates said to each other:

Prince and Erica

Prince and Erica were a pair, and Erica played the role of Big Brother to Prince. While going through their session, Erica asked asked Prince; ‘if he could break up a relationship in the house which he was not involved in, which would it be and why?’

Prince’s response took both Erica and the audience of guard as he showed no restraint in mentioning Erica and Kiddwaya. His reason was that he felt like their relationship was a mere fling, especially on the part of Kidd, and he doesn’t want to see Erica get hurt.

Listening to Prince, Erica did nothing but stare speechlessly at him, with her jaws almost touching the ground. To say she was shocked would be putting it mildly. We can only imagine what was going through her head at time, and if Prince’s words have altered her perception of her relationship with Kiddwaya.

Wathoni and Erica

Wathoni was paired up with Erica, and Wathoni ended up playing the role of Big Brother to Erica. While they conversed, Erica decided to use the opportunity to straighten things out. Erica addressed their fight last Friday, and stated that she never meant to use Wathoni’s son as a weapon to harm her.

She explained that when she mentioned that ‘Wathoni was a mother and wasn’t acting like it,’ that was a knock on Wathoni’s earlier behavior and not an attack on her son.


Ozo and Dorothy

This was another interesting duo, who originally have some history. Ozo played the role of Big Brother to Dorothy, and as the session progressed, he asked her the one thing she would change in the house if she had the power to go back in time and change something.

Her response was interesting to say the least, as she replied that she would change the fact that she met Ozo. She stated that if she had the power to go back in time and change something, then it would be never getting close to Ozo.

This is coming as a result of the love triangle scandal between herself, Ozo and Nengi. Dorothy has stated time and time again that she doesn’t appreciate being involved in such a dramatic plot, especially since she doesn’t feel for Ozo the way people believe she does.

More revelations

Other housemates had some interesting things to say too. Trickytee stated that if he was offered N20 million to leave the show at the moment, he would decline. Neo recalled that he used to lie about having traveled out of the country to his friends. Erica narrated how she had found her dad through social media. Kiddwaya claimed that he would not choose any girl in the house asides Erica. He also said he thinks Praise is the biggest liar in the house cause he talks too much. And Lucy said she has a crush on Praise.

Housemates talk about relationships in the house

Before the task presentation, and the dairy room sessions, some of the housemates were in the room talking about some of the relationships in the house, what is and what could have been.

Praise took center stage in this conversation, stating what he had observed as though they were facts. To be fair though, some of the other housemates in the room seemed to agree with him.


For starters, Praise insisted that Kaisha had an undeniable crush on Neo. He emphasized this point emphatically. Again, to be fair, Kaisha too had told Ebuka something similar on the night she was evicted. And Neo, who was in the room, when this was being said, confirmed that Kaisha had thrown a lot of signals his way.


Wathoni stated that Kiddwaya gave her the green light. This came after Praise, again, had insisted that Wathoni and Kiddwaya may have been an item, if Erica was not in the mix. Wathoni stated the she was the one not interested, as she had already gotten the green light from Kiddwaya but declined.


Prince too was a hot topic as Praise stated that a lot of ladies had a crush on him initially. Of the ladies in the house, he mentioned Nengi, Lucy, Wathoni, and Tolanibaj, who Praise stated that they all liked him.


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