#YNaijaBBNCoverage: Used tampon causes heated fight, and relationships brewing

Fight or Flight

Day 5 in the house and we finally have our first fight. It’s been all smiles and conversations since the season began. But Friday held one heated argument after the other. The tension in the house was so thick it could be cut with a knife. Tempers flared all through the night, with Kaisha calling Lucy an’Old cargo’ at one point.

Lucy and Kaisha

Today, drama surrounding a used tampon left in the toilet ensued. Apparently, Lucy had suspected that the culprit was Kaisha, and she made it known to the other housemates.

This created a heated argument between Kaisha and Lucy, as Kaisha felt disrespected by the accusation. Somehow Praise got involved and more chaos ensued. He seemed to be on the side of Kaisha. He had beef with the way Lucy spoke to and about other housemates.

It’s unclear if its related but, Kiddwaya, Ozo and Tochi, found blood stains, believed to be period blood, on the sheets of the garden sofa. Kiddwaya who has shown tremendous maturity during the show, suggested to both guys that the matter be handled discreetly, so as not to embarrass anyone.

Ka3na and Wathoni

Earlier, there had also been a disruptive incident between Ka3na and Wathoni. During the Friday Night Arena games, the housemates were instructed by Biggie to participate in a trivia game. They were split into two teams, Team White and Team Black.

As the contest waged on things got heated as both teams desperately wanted the win. Somewhere along the line, Ka3na heard her name from Wathoni and this seemed to have riled her up.

In typical Ka3na fashion, she exploded on Whathoni, and in no time disrupted the peace in the house.

This would be eventually set the tone for the rest of the day, as more and more fights occurred for the rest of the night.


Ugh! I know right? The relationship teases in the house are becoming unbearable. ‘Would they just kiss and seal the deal.’ This best describes how some of the audiences are feeling.

Fans are becoming too itchy to see some of the situatioships in the house evolve to a proper relationship. I get it. But to be honest, I love the pace the housemates are going at. This is not Ultimate Love, and the Ultimate Couple isn’t going to win, a single contestant will.

While relationships have proven to be an effective strategy over the years, at the end of the day, it’s an individual race and the prize will go to who best plays the game.

Besides no one really falls in love in one week, that’s a bit corny. Not to mention that it will be wise if housemates explore other options before getting into anything serious. As we’ve seen in the past, some relationships have transcended the Big Brother House.

Nengi, Ozo, and Dora

This one is a bit tricky, but here we go.

Since entering the house Ozo has been the perfect definition of a real ladies man. So it isn’t surprising that he has more than one lady on his radar.

On one hand we have Nengi and Ozo; Beauty and the Prince. A perfect love tale of two good looking people, riding off to the sunset and living happily ever after.

They’ve both being dropping hints for each other, with Ozo blatantly stating that Nengi is his spec. While they’ve not done much but flirt and converse, today there was a good night hug, and fans have decided to run with that.

And on the other hand, we have Dora and Ozo. The sweet girl and Mr. Right. Honestly, these two bring out the fun in each other, their chemistry is simply undeniable. The way she throws jabs at him, their arguments, and their conversations are nothing short of cute. Today they had a conversation about their friendship and somewhere in the conversation she said whatever it is that is going on between them is distracting her from focusing on the money.

Vee and Neo

An unlikely pair, which ironically could turn out to be the most interesting relationship in the house. These two are polar opposites, with one being on the posh side, and the other being a little bit too street. Yet they can’t seem to get enough of each other.

Shared embrace, warm hugs, and lengthy conversations are the norm for these two. Yesterday morning, however, they added a scientific debate to that list, with Vee taking the side of medicine and Neo taking the side of natural herbs.

Kiddwaya and Erica

Who would have thought? A new entry into the situationship conversation, Kiddwaya and Erica for two days straight now, have spent so much time in each other’s company. But today, Erica who has been all smiles and grooves since she got into the house, showed some vulnerability to Kiddwaya.

During a conversation between the pair, Erica broke down, and Kiddwaya reassured her that he will always be there for her.

Saturday Night parties

If you know anything about the Big Brother show, you will no doubt know just how crazy Saturday nights can get. It’s a night of fun, dance, music and of course booze, and with more drinks than anyone can handle, some housemates are sure to show another side of them.

Fights and Fun 

With hopes that the housemates just turn up for a good time, as this maybe one of the only two times we get to see all twenty of them party together, it would be far fetched to dismiss the possibility of one or two confrontations.

We certainly have an eye out for Ka3na  who’s clearly promised to give it to any one hot hot, if they step on her toes. Lucy is another interesting character who with some booze may go harder than we’ve seen. And I just can’t help but throw Neo’s name into the mix. It would however be intersting to see some of the housemates under the influence, especially the cool guys like Bright, Ozo, and Kiddwaya.

Omah Lah


Lo Lo Lo Lo. Is it really a party if the turn up isn’t lit? For the first Saturday Night party, Big Brother has got the new kid on the block; Omah Lah to turn up.

His smooth vibes and enthralling sounds is exactly what we need to get this show on the road. I know I’m definitely tuning in for the party, as I can’t wait to see Omah Lah work his magic.


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