#YNaijaBBNGist: Erica is painted as insensitive over the revelation of Laycon’s genotype

One of the most intense and heavily debated confrontations that occurred in this season’s Big Brother Naija show was the Erica and Laycon episode. The incident in question left many stunned as it had an immediate and upsetting consequence.

For icons, which is the term coined for the fan base of Laycon, it was upsetting to watch Erica demean him the way she did, regardless of the fact that he tried to diffuse the situation, and not fight back.

For elites, Erica’s dutiful fan base, they were upset that the actress’ actions would cost her the game. Unfortunately, it did, and she was disqualified the very next day for her unruly behaviour. This surprised the BBN universe, so much so that even Nigerians who are unfamiliar with show knew about this particular incident.

It’s became obvious that an issue of this magnitude would not phase out so easily, considering how much people love their BBN faves. For almost two weeks, especially in the first week following Erica’s disqualification, Nigerian social media users could not determine who was wrong and who was right in that situation.

Devout elites argued that she was deliberately provoked to the point where she lost it, while icons failed to accept that Laycon should take the responsibility for someone else’s actions. They noted that she was the one who made a conscious decision to get drunk, and while under the influence aggressively refused to allow others help calm her down.

On Twitter today, the Erica and Laycon debate took on a different outlook following a revelation Laycon made. Laycon told his fellow finalist during a conversation the group was having earlier today that he is a sickle cell carrier, and he doesn’t like to tell people about it so that they don’t feel sorry for him.

Dorathy later pointed out that this could be the reason why he is so skinny. This revelation reminded icons of the time Erica body-shamed Laycon repetitively over his stature. In fact, fans of the rapper are tagging Erica a body shamer and an insensitive person.

The anger emanating from them stems from the fact that she knew he had sickle cell, and still proceeded to insult him based on what she perceived to be a physical flaw.

However, elites are eluding to the fact that she has already apologised, and this is just a ploy by Laycon fans to solicit votes for the rapper. They also seem proud of the fact that Erica is always trending and this is another excuse to attach Laycon’s name to a highly preeminent figure.

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