#YNaijaBBNOp-ed: From best friends to bitter rivals, an awful rift in Erica and Laycon’s relationship

One of the most standout attributes of this season’s housemates is the fact that they have displayed an immeasurable level of maturity.

Unlike last season, where everything was an issue. Where housemates resorted to insulting other housemate’s dead relatives over a minor issue. This season, housemates have taken a more subtle approach in dealing with any and all altercations. Basically, any squabble that threatens the peace in the house is quickly swept under the rug. But, we have had good doses of troublesomeness.

An example would be when Erica and Wathoni had a heated conversation. But, it ended with a peace conversation and a decision to respect each other’s boundaries.

However, there seems to be a brewing extensive feud. The LayconVee partnership against the current head of house, Erica, is becoming more intense than expected.

The inception

The dust-up began two weeks ago during the Live Sunday Eviction show. The ever meddlesome Ebuka asked Vee about the advice she gave Laycon on staying away from Erica. Vee explained that she was only looking out for her friend, and decided that the best move for him was to keep away from Erica entirely.

This came as a shock to Erica, as she never expected that Laycon had been gossiping about her. What’s worse was when Ebuka asked Vee why she didn’t also talk to Erica about the whole thing. Her response was what really got to Erica. Vee stated that Erica is not her friend, and as such, didn’t owe her any explanations.

Erica didn’t take this lightly. She saw it as an open invitation to conflict and immediately deduced that Vee has something against her. She also didn’t like the fact that Laycon was talking about her behind her back.

After a conversation with Laycon, Erica decided that their friendship is stronger than they know. This is different with Vee.

Erica’s retaliation

A week later after this revelation, Erica got her own pound of flesh. Responding to Ebuka’s question on why she encouraged Tolanibaj to go for Neo, Erica explained that she didn’t know Vee and Neo were an item. She stated that she and Vee are not friends, so she decided to encourage Tolanibaj instead. This fuelled the already established enmity.

Erica’s revelation, as Vee would later describe to biggie, shook her off her boots.

She couldn’t believe that her close friend, Tolanibaj was trying to play a fast one on her. And ‘working’ with Erica to do so.

Erica and Laycon’s fleeting friendship

Yesterday, for the first time since the show began, housemates were required to nominate their fellow housemates for possible eviction – another opportunity for revenge.

A week ago, what happened during nominations would have been shocking, four weeks ago, this would have been absolutely outrageous, but this week, it was expected as Erica nominated her once closest friend, Laycon.

This is because, two weeks in a row now, the subject of Laycon and Erica has been tabled by Ebuka. The problem here is that this week’s revelation takes the cake.

Laycon has, for some time now, has been going around the house, telling everyone that wishes to listen that Erica tried to kiss him. Erica had no idea about this until Ebuka brought it up while chatting with the housemates.

A visibly embarrassed Laycon had to explain to everyone why he had been consistently spreading the narrative that Erica has tried to kiss him on several occasions.

He eventually pulled through, stating that Erica was intoxicated at the time. But Erica could not recall and confronted Laycon the moment Ebuka left. Laycon told her that he didn’t want to talk about it, and that was that about the matter until the nominations when Erica nominated Laycon.

There were clearly intent when Erica nominated Laycon and Vee, who by the way, are both up for possible eviction. She called their names as though she had been waiting for the opportunity, and you can almost tell she got a sense of satisfaction doing it.

How far this altercation will go is anyone’s guess, but with Erica and Vee, unwilling to sit and talk things out, our guess is both housemates will continue to throw jabs at each other, till the show comes to an end.

As for Erica and Laycon, chances are they will most likely talk things over, the resolution that will result from any conversation they have is uncertain, but these are two guys with enough maturity to eventually let bygones be bygones.

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