#YourTurn: “I pray this is a joke, Mr. President!”

by Akosile Olubunmi

In light of the recent developments and ensuing civil unrest in our dear country, we have taken it upon ourselves to write you this not-so-long letter to inform you of our grievances as a people and to point out what we deem a better approach to the issues of fuel subsidy removal and corruption in our society.

While some of us understand the need for eventual total removal of fuel subsidy, we cannot understand why it had to be so sudden nor why you decided not to put buffers in place to help break our fall.

Mr. President, did you know that the cost of our inadequate education went far up last year? did you know about the constantly rising building and housing costs? Did you hear about rising medical costs? (If not, fire all your advisers) but I know you knew that feeding cost would increase as you increased duty fees on the importation of rice and wheat without giving us alternatives! That’s me hoping you seriously don’t expect cassava bread to make the list of alternatives, at least I’m sure that’s not what your family and friends will now spend N 3,000,000/day on. (What are you people eating?!!!). Oh, I almost forgot the cleverly set-up new vehicle license registration cost at N30,000 that all vehicle owners have to put up sometimes this year.

In the middle of all these, you have decided to triple, yet again, the cost of living of all Nigerians because you think Nigeria is broke! Mr. President, just how broke can we be if your annual food budget rose to N1billion, your garden care budget was pegged at N200million, your darling wife spent N5billion fixing an office, and the senate president takes home more than N600million per annum, among other wastages. Why does it have to be the masses that will make the sacrifice or pay for government ineptitude at ensuring there will be no corruption when subsidy is being given out? Is there truly no other way to check it? And does it have to happen right now?

Mr. President, where are the buffers that should have been in place long before you ‘yanked our tooth like a wicked dentist’? Where is the functional rail system that would make us not even feel the hike in our transportation? Where are the refineries and fuel transportation channels (not roads, sir) with which we wont have to wait for ever to reap the fruits of our “subsidy removal sacrifice”? Where are the farms/farm support to help us produce food at cheaper rates? Where are the government policies that would bring up our small/medium scale businesses and would thereby increase our employment rate thus reducing the poverty rate in the country?

Instead of these, you have decided to bring us 1,600 diesel-powered buses!!! Who brought this idea to you, sir? Not fit to be named among your advisers, I dare say! How many of the buses would go to each state? How much of the populace will they move accross town in a day? I pray this is a joke, sir!

You would do ALL of us a favour to go to that drawing board you have probably never used and give us some cushions before removing fuel subsidy. Bring it back when Nigerians can afford it, sir, for we will not take these anti-people policies from you anymore.

 My name is Akosile Olubunmi. I’m not trying to be a hero. I just want better governance.

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  1. Lemme do d calculation, 1600 buses 4 160million citizen equals 100000 pple per bus…som1 suggest dt we will lie on top of one anoda 4 d bus 2 contain us all(palliative measures indeed).Thank God i didn't vote 4 him, i would av been beating myself by now. I hope ur script reach him while he's away 4rm his called advisers maybe he will b able 2 think 4 himself then n reconsider

  2. My name is Olabanji Abayomi and I Co Sign–Bunmi Akosile, I tilt my hat!!!

  3. Very well written and straight to the point. I only hope GEJ gets to read this. And as for the 1600 diesel powered generators, whoever gave GEJ that advice should be shot. We must #occupyNigeria!!!

  4. My name is Femi I join my brother and other Nigerians to say No more corruption or fake fuel subsidy. Jonathan is a thief period . He refused to forget the contempt he felt from others wearing shoes and must now conquer all available shoes. Even Idi Amin Dada in his worst days did not enjoy such opulence of 1 billion Naira meal per year. Like we Yoruba says,Bush man that is eating and dropping the stew on his cloth. May GOD of Naija judge him and his family viciously.

  5. My name is Justina Nzete and I am with my brother, Akosile Olubunmi for good governance.

  6. I proudly second ur opinion. however, if i may, d 1,600 buses werent d initiative of d FG rather it was a brain child of d TUC.It took the TUC 3years to get a non-interest free loan from the FG, so as 2 bring in these buses. be that as it may, d FG should refrain and desist from referring to these buses as though the importatiion thereof is a kind of palliative measure. Bunmi Akosh, I'm proud of you

  7. Olubunmi o! Wa gbayi I swear u have spoken the mind of millions of nigerians God bless u reall good.

  8. and my name is Adeshola Aderibigbe ,i join my brother on the demand for good governance . i want good governance !!

  9. Well said bro…

  10. Endorsed by the Masses! Forward to GEJ now!

  11. Well said in a simple language but more matured to the mind. GEJ needs to read things like this. God Bless the Writer.

  12. This letter should be forwarded to every Tv and radio station in the country. This is the voice of the people, pure and simple!

  13. Well said and pointed out. Hope this will get to him somehow.

  14. Well said! Highly endorsed.

  15. Can Y naija somehow find a way for the president to read dis..like package dis letter on behalf of all nigerians & send it out…or it shuld b read on nation TV sef

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