ASUU strike: NANS blasts FG, threaten to shut down private universities

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  • Lekan

    It is high time masses took their destiny in their hands as these so call leaders are mere politicians who think only about d next election.

  • Chief101

    You guys have my support. We need a revolution in Nigeria.
    Jonathan has proved himself as a WEAKLING & an UNDECIDED leader, if he can be called a leader.

  • olu

    Let revolution take place joor and all private institutions closed and abolished let only public school exist and who so wanna be in power must have their children schooling here in our public schools, imagine what the so called rotten leaders are earning self it is enough to settle every bill required by our institution talk less of what they embezzles! This people are bad influence upon our great nation and infact I wonder how they enter power without adequate screening and I believe if asked to defend their certificate most of them will fail because a good leader must value education and make it his priority to satisfy the institution this leaders are out to embezzle and upress us ni jor close private schools am joining this new development!

  • Blackey of AAUA

    A day protest isn’t enough there is need for a consecutive and simultaneous protest nationwide for our grivieances be ventilated. The activities of FG is as a result of students consciousness.

  • nlyrics

    imagine how they talk about development going on with PDP and ignore what’s going with ASUU am that frustrated that if someone ask me to do any illegal business i’d not hesitate you can condemn ladies prostituting their body for money but would commend politicians walking out on PDP F Y’ALL