The Media Blog: Let’s explain to you how EXACTLY Linda Ikeji makes her millions

So now that the news is everywhere, especially in places where the media gossips, that Linda Ikeji has finally gone nuclear and launched everything in every available space, with multi-million naira investments to make sure she wins, the wags are out again: how is she getting the money? Where is she getting the money? Has the APC replaced the PDP as her biggest alleged benefactor?

So maybe we need to put this to rest and for all.

Linda Ikeji does not, in fact, need the money of any reich man, political party, or drug leader. You have to believe it: she makes all this money from blogging, from good old, consistent, hard-charging, talented, break-the-news-and-the-gist-first blogging.

Linda screenshot5To convince you and shut this down for the very last time, we will do the maths for you.

On Thursday, 11 August, we sat down – all of us together – and did an analysis of Linda’s income in just one day, on just one site.

There are five basic income streams that are visible to the eyes on the homepage.

1. Sponsored posts

In one day, we counted 20 sponsored posts on Linda Ikeji’s site. TWENTY. And for good measure, we went back two weeks. That’s the average. 20. Linda Ikeji’s posts go for 50,000 each. Now, because they already so fairly priced, she doesn’t give discounts on this amount – no matter the bulk, at least for the larger market. Last two weeks, she updated the cost to N55,000. But for the sake of argument, let’s go with N50,000.

That means that in just ONE DAY, last Thursday, Linda Ikeji made N1 million naira. And she makes this minimum N1 million EVERY WEEK DAY. Without fail. That’s N20 million naira per month, ONLY from sponsored posts.

Linda screenshot32. Custom ads

These are adverts placed directly by companies or agencies. We haven’t confirmed the new figures, but on an average this should cost N500,000 per month each. We counted 12 on her site on Thursday. That is N6 million in one month.

We see no evidence that any of them is an in-kind ad, perhaps from an event partnership. But let’s even assume that 2 of them are. So let’s make that N5 million a month.

Linda screenshot23. Google Ads

This is her main source of income and the reason why the silly made-up scandal by Mr. Ayedee made her come out swinging. Her Google income, which comes in dollars, is her biggest, most consistent source of income outside of the top banner ads. They are a mainstay of the major sites in the country in terms of traffic including Naij, Pulse, Daily Post, SaharaReporters, TooXclusive, and Naijaloaded.

Let’s assume Linda is doing 1 million page views a day in traffic – and there is no reason why she shouldn’t. Why we are so sure? Alexa rankings are inaccurate judge of traffic, but for the top 50 players on that rankings site, they are pretty much reliable. You don’t get to the top 50 by playing around with Alexa toolbars, or tech-contenting your way there.

Insiders say makes about 3 million, and certainly no more than 2 million page views a day.

Linda is Number 14 in Nigeria, and most importantly, Number 2,130 globally. Naij is Number 18 in Nigeria, and 2,168 globally. Since global is the best indicator for assumed pageviews, it means they are bye and large getting the same traffic. If the sources from Naij aren’t suffering some kind of brain damage, that means Linda is hitting at least 2 million page views a day.

But for the purposes, of conservative calculations, let’s say it’s 1 million. She has the traditional 3 Google Ads on her site to suck up the income from that traffic. For that amount of traffic, she should be making no less than $50,000 monthly. Converting it with the really dollar exchange rate, not the anomaly from the Central Bank of Nigeria, that’s at least (we used 375), that is a monthly revenue of at least N18,750,000.

You still here?

Linda screenshot14. Top banners

At any given time that Jesus is on the throne, Linda has a minimum of 3 top banners on her site. On Thursday, when we counted there were three.

Each of those go for at least N1 million monthly. So, for those three, Linda has at least N3 million in her bank account.

So, N3 million.

Linda screenshot45. Site takeover

This is hugely popular in Nigeria if you’re BellaNaija or LindaIkeji. She has had the God is Good Motors app takeover on that site for at least three weeks now, if not a month.

That takeover costs N750,000 a week – the last time our source made a payment for the space. Four weeks makes that N3 million.


So let us do the maths together, brothers and sisters.

20,000,000 + 5,000,000 + 18,750,000 + 3,000,000 + 3,000,000 = 49,750,000.

Rounded up to the closest reasonable total, that is 50 million naira.

From just the things we can see on her site, Linda Ikeji has the capacity, on an average day to pull in 50 million naira through her blog.

That’s a reasonable assumption of N600,000,000 every year.

The girl can afford a house in Banana Island based on her own income. She can afford original Louboutins whenever and however she wants them. And she sure as Jove can afford a N100 million a year office if she just wants a place to play.

Stop hating. Start praying.


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  2. From just the things we can see on her site, Linda Ikeji has the capacity, on an average**** *day *****to pull in 50 million naira through her blog.

    ypou mean monthly *

  3. wow Linda is blessed and lucky

  4. my question is, how on earth do you own a blog?

  5. The are so many obvious exaggeration in this post. Linda is making lots of money from her blog no doubt and she quite possibly can make and save enough money to buy a house in Banana Island over a long period of time.

    But to think she dolled out cash to pay more that N500,000,000.00 (N500M) without any form of loan, mortgage or differed payment is delusional. Considering her overtly display of wealth (Whether real or unreal) and sizable income level, she would have a lot of mortgage companies, banks, investment outfits etc offering her one form of investment, of which housing would be part of, or the other. This is because she flaunts wealth and she – over a period of time – is capable of repaying such investments.

    So please, if you are a blogger or aspiring one, don’t kill yourself over Linda’s display of wealth. She is making money but not as has been portrayed on this post and certainly not as she makes the believe.

    Linda lives the life a celebrity which is mostly make-believe, like some of the musicians who have found some level of fame, and there’s nothing wrong in it because it helps push your brand and possibly in booking fees and stuffs like that.

  6. Ynaija – You appear to have a lot of inaccurate information in this post.

    You said on the 11th of August 2016 you counted 20 posts on Linda Ikeji’s site for that day.

    But Google is showing only 3 sponsored posts for the 11/08/2016.

    Copy this exact search into the Google search box and you will see: “Thursday, August 11, 2016” “sponsored post”

    The figure of N20million monthly from sponsored posts is also very inaccurate because on average she does about 60 sponsored posts a month.

    Again do this search in Google and change the month to see different figures: “*, March *, 2016” “sponsored post”

  7. I hope herhaters will see this. Linda is blessed!!

  8. Comment:I love what she does, people would always hate when one is rich.

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