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Jim Iyke

Delicious man! Jim Iyke shows off 6 packs (for the ladies only)

by Anike Jacobs


Who knew Jim Iyke was this sexy?!
The Nollywood actor  is currently in Gambia to celebrate the country’s President’s 20th Anniversary in office and he has just showed his ripped abs on instagram.

He captioned the photo thus, “After that 11km frm #CocoOcean to #Sheraton and back. #ViewFromThePentHouse #BanjulChronicles #ShapeYourBody #ShapeYourMind #ShapeYourDestiny #BurgeonCeo”

Yeah ladies, feel free to drool and as for the guys, errr, be inspired :)


Jim-Iyke ebola

…And Jim Iyke also joins politics (BUT for an unusual reason)

by Anike Jacobs

Yes you heard that right, Jim Iyke has joined the league of entertainers who have embraced politics to make more money.

In his own case however, he isn’t contesting for a political post.

The Nollywood actor who knows how to create and put an end to his own controversies, is now a member of newly registered Young Democratic Party and he has been appointed as its Director General in the Diaspora.

Explaining that the vision of the party is to empower and promote Nigerian youths within and outside the shore of the country, Jim in an interview with Daily Independent,  said thus:

“We just want to say enough is enough. It is time power and our policies shift hands to fresher minds, to stronger fortes, to people that are ready to move with the momentum of time, tide and changes. But it cannot be conceivable if you are saddled in that position for over two decades? How can you grow? How can you go with the tide of time? Biologically too, time will catch up with you because you are growing old in that position.(continue)….

“Look at advanced countries of the world, and take a close look at people that have moved forward, these are people who have put things in place so that changes will be constant. Refreshment of minds, ideas, psychology, idiosyncrasies will be constant except for Nigeria.
“The same circle of people that governed us 20 years ago are the same people who are still ruling us, what are they still doing there? So many of them are in their 80s, grandfathers by all rights! Are they not tired? Suffering and smiling has become our motto, our slogan”,

“There are black men of strong background and strong voice abroad. We have them everywhere. There is a rippling effect, that whatsoever resonates here touches the whole world. This is the strongest economy, the most populous black nation in the world. You cannot say that what we are doing concerns Nigerians alone. It concerns Africa, in the weight of what we are doing, we are carrying everybody along.
“We are not saying that this is a revolution or we are here to manipulate anybody, no. It is an open and closed book. This change may not happen in this era but it is a right step in the right direction at least there is a voice which hitherto was none existence. There is a platform where you can air your grievances. It is a truthful and open platform.”


Jim iyke's breakfast

Birthday Boy: Jim Iyke says the ‘Ebola Survivor’ prayer | Nadia Buari gushes

by S’ola Filani

Nollywood actor Jim Iyke is 38 today and he is super excited – who wouldn’t.

The past one year has been amazing and fruitful for him – he got delivered from ‘Demons’ in TB Joshua’s church, got engaged to his boo,  his reality show – Jim Iyke say so – is currently the most watched reality show on DSTV and more importantly escaped the deadly Ebola virus by the whiskers.

Read his birthday message below:

“This man has climbed the #EiffelTower. Surmounted #MtEverest. Crossed the #IndianOcean. Rescued the #DamesOfDamascus. Held counsel wiv #KingSolomon. Designed the #10thWonderOfTheWorld. Sired two sets of #Quadruplets. Pulled a train for five miles unaided. Broke the jaw of a lion wiv a single #UpperCut. Championed the cause of the downtrodden. Survived #Ebola. Yeah,God saw him thru it all!!What else is out there? Thank u y’all! I made it! God is love. #Godson #Unbreakable #EverGratefulLord #JustBlessed. Happy birthday to my fav person in this whole world. #PrivateTinz #Dubai #Maldives let’s go!

His off and on girlfriend fiancee Nadia Buari also took to her instagram page to celebrate her man…her skittle.

“My Skitt..The one who knows the song in my heart & can sing it back to me when I’ve forgotten the words. U were created with a purpose & a specific set of gifts & talents to contribute to this world..to brighten it & make the difference that only u can make..! HBD Soldier..! *BFF’s until we’re too old to remember wat BFF even means*��”

Even when we think they are not together, turns out their love is waxing even stronger.
We hope they spend time together at the birthday spot in Dubai later today :)

Forget Jim Iyke! Nadia Buari steps out with mystery man in Atlanta (Photos)

by S’ola Filani

So Nadia Buari just posted these pictures on her Instagram page, holding hands with some mystery guy and he is certainly not Jim Iyke!

The Ghanain actress who is currently in Atlanta, tagged the pictures #thatkinglife.

Coincidentally, her ex boo, Jim Iyke is also in ATL with his alleged new boo Sandra Benede….so we hear.

So we ask, is this Nadia’s new man?

The photos look grainy but he looks FINE!

Jim Iyke AMVCA

Nollywood Actor, Jim Iyke has a new side-hustle! [DETAILS]

by Kolapo Olapoju


Every week, we seem to always have something to report on Nollywood’s bad boy!

Actor, Jim Iyke says he is going into the water-producing business.

He disclosed this on his Instagram page, where he revealed that himself and a partner, are the brains behind the project, ‘Burgeon Water’.

Jim Iyke

He added the caption, “Henry and I; partners in #QuietRevolution #ComingSoon #BURGEONWATER #committedToWealth #SoGrateFulLord #Countdown begins #SupremeHustleModeActivated”


Oh wow: What Jim Iyke has to say about single women will IMPRESS you

by S’ola FilaniJim-Iyke today

Single ladies in the house, chin-up and give your good self a thumb up,  Jim Iyke has got some words for ya.

A few minutes ago, the Nollywood actor shared an interesting view (on single ladies) on his Instagram page.He wrote “Women are like apples on trees, the best ones are on the top of the tree. The men don’t want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and don’t want to get hurt. Instead they get the cold manipulating easier climbs. So, the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality they are amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who’s brave enough to climb all the way to the top becuase they value quality away frm d spotlight.”

Nicely played, Jim. Every now and again, you impress us.

Jim-Iyke ebola

Ebola: Jim Iyke apologizes for fleeing Liberia

by S’ola Filani

Jim-Iyke ebola

Nollywood actor Jim Iyke, made headlines across the world last week when he posted a photo of himself wearing a mask and exiting Monrovia, Liberia amid the Ebola outbreak.

His “that shit scares me” post sparked both outrage and fear, some deemed it insensitive.

Reacting to the report however, Iyke’s PR team sent out a press release apologizing for the insensitive statement.
“May I humbly apologize if my comments on Ebola – based on fear – were taken out of context. The last thing I wanted to do was to alarm anyone.

My heart goes out to all the families who have been affected by the Ebola virus – those who have lost their lives or loved ones, those who are still bravely fighting the disease and all of the communities who are battling to keep the infection under control. You are all in my prayers.

As I travel constantly across continents, most recently USA, Senegal, Liberia, Ghana, Gambia, I have been screened where and when necessary along with the other passengers and I believe it is the responsibility of every citizen to be vigilant and help contain the outbreak by following the advice of the local and international medical professionals and government officials” the statement reads.

After his ‘Escape from Liberia’, Nollywood’s Jim Iyke celebrates! (LOOK)

by S’ola Filani

Jim iyke's breakfast

After fleeing Liberia a few days ago for fear of contacting the deadly Ebola virus, Nollywood actor has moved on to an ‘undisclosed location’.

Jim Iyke was recently in Monrovia, Liberia on a business visit, but due to the increasing scare of the Ebola virus, the actor had to end his visit prematurely.

It’s good to know that the actor is safe and sound.

He just shared a photo of him having breakfast, after which he thanked God for hiding him in his pavilion.

He captioned the photo “Breakfast; somewhere serene. Glad to be away frm (from) all the madness. Thank u (you) lord 4 (for) every time u (you) hide me in ur (your) pavilion. #Ikechukwu”.

Jim Iyke

Making a run from Ebola: Jim Iyke flees Liberia sporting a face mask (LOOK)

by Kolapo Olapoju

Jim Iyke

Nollywood bad boy is so scared of getting the deadly Ebola virus.

Jim Iyke was recently in Monrovia, Liberia on a business visit, but due to the increasing scare of the Ebola virus, the actor had to end his visit prematurely.

As he made his way out of the country, he shared on social media a photo of himself sitting in the airport lounge wearing a face mask, with the caption, ” Monrovia, unfinished biz; Leavin tonite. Nt ashamed to admit tis ish scares the Jesus outta me. #Ebola!!!!”

Oh Jim, we empathize with you. Health always comes first.

Who’s that girl! Jim Iyke moves on from Nadia Buari to sexy model (PHOTOS)

by S’ola Filani


It appears Jim Iyke has found a new love – what’s that word – interest.

The Nollywood actor, may have moved on from his tempestuous off-today-on-tomorrow relationship with Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari if his recent posts on Instagram are anything to go by.

He has been showering flirty compliments on a Us based model Sandra Benede, who has been reciprocating  by posting his photos too with affectionate captions.

See screenshots below:

Over to you…