Praying for a Donald Trump presidency? Here’s 5 reasons why you shouldn’t

by Tolu Omoyeni

The US general elections will hold in less than 3 months and the world has been abuzz with news of candidates, nominations, polls, conventions and all the drama that constitute an election period. The elections in America concern the rest of the world, the US is a world giant and we should be a bit worried about who succeeds the much-loved Barack Obama as president.

Hillary Clinton, the democratic nominee has been a tough contender and many of us are rooting for her but we know some of you are somewhere praying that Republican nominee, Donald Trump wins this race.

Here are 5 reasons why you should change your prayer points before it gets too late:

  1. Policies implemented by the United States, either good or bad will affect relations with Nigeria. So far in his campaign, Donald Trump has not pitched any policy that might remotely help us on this side. Y’all know we need help, right?

2. Mr Trump apparently cannot hide his disgust for immigrants. He even suggested building an actual fence that will shut out immigrants from coming into the US. In his words, “We will send them all home” Majority of our friends and family in the US might be affected by his plans if they ever come to fruition, this will in turn affect all the “uncle, send me 100 dollars” “aunty, send me American Eagle shoes”! You sure don’t want them to come home, at least not yet.

3. Donald Trump has become famous throughout campaign season for making uninformed and inciting comments. In a country like America that is prone to terrorist attacks, we do not need a president that will further trigger the anger and resentment that already exists in the hearts of terrorists. We doubt that Mr Trump can make a sincere and compassionate speech without upsetting a fraction of the crowd.

4. Having Donald Trump as president of the United States will be a massive deterioration from the pure class that Barack Obama’s presidency served to the world. The Obama family gave us 8 years of brilliance, strong family values, swagger and a never-before-seen accessibility to the White House. The Obamas are cool people and we will never forget them. Can’t say the same about the Trumps though…

5. Donald Trump is misogynistic, condescending and unapologetic about being both of these. He’s just not president material. A man who has no leash for his tongue is not worthy of leading the Free World. The rest of the world is somehow tied to America, we don’t want more wahala than we already have abeg.

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  1. You don’t live in America and you write this piece of shit, You’re an idiot,dont ever come to America or you’ll be be killed.

  2. Daniel Obeghe Dboy

    Ynaija what is ur business? This how u ppl did to GEJ believing that Buhari is ur Messiah Pls Nigerians should solve the buhari problem they created themselves first.

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