5 good health benefits of cuddling

by Vanessa Luis


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Regular cuddling for even a short period of time has shown to boost ones mental, physical and spiritual health. A few shared kisses and hugs do not only improve your relationship but it will also benefit your overall health.


If you still don’t believe it, here are some researched health benefits of cuddling.

Cuddling can boost your immune system

Cuddling releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone that makes you feel invincible and strong. This makes you feel good about yourself and increases your hormones that fight infections. Feeling good and healthy influences positive thinking which in turn helps strengthen your immune system.

Cuddling relieves pain

The release of oxytocin automatically reduces one’s ability to concentrate on the pain thus lessening it. So the next time your heads pounding, try cuddling with your loved one to make you feel better.

Cuddling can reduce social anxiety

Oxytocin released during cuddling influences positive thinking which in turn makes you more optimistic about life. Feeling positive will help you feel more confident thus reducing social anxiety.

Cuddling reduces stress

Cuddling makes you feel confidant and positive, it also improves your relationship. A regular dose of cuddling will keep you hormones in place thus reducing stress.

Cuddling lowers your risk of heart disease

With all the above mentioned benefits including less stress and anxiety, your blood pressure will be in check thus lowering your chances of heart disease.


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  2. Well this is an amazing discovery, it really shows God’s creative proficiency especially the human body

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