#BBNaija: Nini crosses many lines in her fight with Cross

Earlier today, Cross and Nini got into a heated argument over the affirmed bathroom protocols, and for something so minute, things got way too heated, way too quickly. Right after the workout session, when the housemates were cleaning up, Cross confronted Nini over breaking the rules agreed upon by the house over the use of the bathroom, as she stepped in to use the bathroom before it was inspected. Cross had cleaned the bathroom, and he was waiting for the head of house to come inspect it before the housemates could use it. However, Nini entered before the head of house inspected it, and this didn’t sit well with Cross.

His frustration with Nini’s action was that it undermined his efforts. He was not only triggered because Nini was clearly doing the wrong thing, he was also infuriated that her action would make it seem like he had not handled his morning task.

He confronted Nini about the whole thing, and in no time, they both began to raise their voices. In the heat of the moment, Cross asked her if she was stupid, and all hell broke loose. Upon hearing Cross’s derogatory questions, Nini went off, and began raining insults on him. Her remarks went from abusive to insensitive in no time, especially considering that Cross has dyslexia.

Now, its uncertain if Nini knows that Cross has dyslexia before she compared his intelligence to that of her fish, but it is insensitive to continually poke at people’s flaws be it in a conversation or an argument. If she knew that Cross sometimes makes unintelligible remarks and still choose to poke at that, then it’s hard to defend her actions, whether she was aware that he is dyslexic or not.

Also, as an adult, it very emotionally unintelligent to continue to berate someone when they are withdrawn. During their fight, Cross had retreated at some point, and it was obvious that he did not want to continue with the exchange any longer. However, Nini refused to back off, as she went back and forth with the name-calling. Even after the housemates had separated both of them, she continued to yell out insults.

Though the head of house, White money, has called them, Nini and Cross, to resolve the issue, it seems like Nini is not ready to forgive the Cross’ actions in the altercation.

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