#BBNaija: Paranoia or intuition? | Angel gets very suspicious of White Money

Last night on the Big Brother Naija show, Big Brother’s finale twist came to a head when he decided to give both Pere and Angel the opportunity to compete for the grand prize in the final week.

Having spent a whole day isolated somewhere outside Big Brother’s main house, Angel and Pere developed a rather odd relationship, one that evolved around desperation to survive, and observations of other housemates, particularly White Money.

While Angel and Pere awaited the game of trucks that would decide their fate on the show, they got to talking, and the subject of their discussion was none other than White Money. For some reason, Angel felt a strange vibe from White Money and she decided to let Pere know about it.

“Something about White Money just flipped. It’s like I could see clearer and I’m not saying he is a bad person but there’s something off and awkward about him.” She said to Pere. “My Intuitions are never wrong and lately we have been clashing. We even clashed in the garden on Sunday morning. I like when people are straightforward and he’s not; that’s why he is always deflecting.

Last night, Big Brother reintroduced Pere and Angel back into the game and there were leaps of joy from the remaining contestants. However, Angel called Pere aside and brought his attention to the fact that she feels like White Money’s happiness for their return was not genuine. “White Money is not happy that we’re back, that his laugh was fake,” Angel told Pere.

Why she singled out White Money is a mystery, but she would be sadly mistaken if she thought that every other housemate asides White Money was genuinely happy to see her. At the end of the day, it is a game show, and now more than ever, the remaining contestants can smell victory. The odds that a housemate who is supposed to be evicted was brought back, and could win, is an oddity that no one would be genuinely happy to be up against.

Angel could still be shaken up by the fact that of all six housemates nominated last week, only White Money was clear cut. It may be donning on her that he is a fan favourite and the most real threat in the house, or maybe it is exactly as she says it is, and that is that her spirit doesn’t agree with his.

Whatever the case may be, gunning for someone as loved as White Money is not a very smart move, and Pere who tries to avoid the topic every time Angel had brought it up to him is smart enough to have figured that out.

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