#BBNaijaS7 Weekend Recap: Crazy Things are Happening

It’s only been a week and crazy things have been happening on Big Brother Naija, the Level up edition. This weekend was not any different as the housemates in both Levels one and two served us premium content. 

Let’s start with the pool party hosted by the level one housemates

The housemates behaved as one might anticipate, letting their hair down and having fun while getting along with one another. They danced, drank, and played games.

Despite the fact that it was the middle of the night, everyone brought the heat, with some wearing sun shades as proof. Provocative dance moves are one thing that Africa is well known for, and twerking, of course, is still popular. It was a true battle of the nyansh, and the men couldn’t help but want to approach the women because, well, who wouldn’t?

The Level 2 housemates were not left out of the fun. They decided to entertain themselves with a game of truth or dare where housemates Beauty and Groovy were dared to kiss each other, which they eventually did.

A very wild Night Party

The Level Up Housemates were prepared to wreck the dance floor with their moves when the clock struck 22:00 WAT on Saturday.

Biggie did not let us down when he gave the order for each level to enter the party room and get down, and boy did they serve some moves.

Big Brother Naija Saturday night parties are known for bringing out the fun in most housemates, and Saturday wasn’t any different. The housemates grooved to the sounds and rhythm of DJ Smallz and DJ 4Kerty.

After swiftly mingling and exchanging cool pleasantries, the housemates from each level gathered and danced the night away with various partners.

There was more to the evening than just dancing; there were also lots of passionate kisses and flirting.

As their friends danced the night away, Eloswag and Phyna were overtly flirting.

Additionally, Dotun was seen conversing with Beauty outside the party area.

Doyin and Cyph had a very passionate kiss at the end of the night, which astounded the audience and ignited social media.

Remember that Cyph and Doyin previously engaged in naughty behavior earlier in the party, including choking and passionate dancing.

Their mutual affection for one another was confirmed by the kiss, and I’m sure the shippers and boat captains are eager to watch how this plays out.

Party after the party

The party finished with the Level 2 housemates saying their goodbyes to their Level 1 counterparts, who were told to go into their level and close the doors behind them.

When the doors were shut, the Level 2 women screamed their praise for the Level 1 men.

Eloswag was clearly the target of Phyna’s darts when she made reference to kissing him.

However, Beauty was upset with Groovy’s behavior at the party because she thought he was disrespectful in the manner in which he danced with the women from Level 1.

She made a warning that she would leave Groovy and that everyone would be startled when she did, while she and Ilebaye were in the bathroom.

Later, she challenged Groovy, saying she was careful about how she danced with the Level 1 guys, and she demanded to know why he wasn’t.

She criticized his manner as being disrespectful and said that he was confusing her. All of this was refuted by Groovy, who assured Beauty that he was thinking only of her.

The Level 2 housemates appear to have left an impression on Chichi and Chomzy as well because they said they had a wonderful vibe about them.

Chichi accused the Level 1 guys of failing to see how excellent the Level 2 guys were in reaction to Adekunle and Dotun.

Dotun responded to her remark that the Level 1 boys were insecure by claiming that the Level 2 guys were truly intimidated by them and that he could read such things.

A Strike already?

The housemates have shown us so far that it’s not too early to start catching feelings and shooting shots. They have also gone a step further to show us that it’s also not too early to get a strike.

Beauty became upset when she saw Groovy dance at the Saturday party with Chomzy, a Level 1 housemate.

Ilebaye, one of her closest friends in the house, attempted to talk to her about the situation, which sparked a confrontation.

While the two were fighting, Beauty approached Ilebaye and said, “I’ll come to your face like this, but I won’t touch you.”

Speaking to Beauty, Biggie said, “Beauty, while the both of you overstepped your boundaries, you took it a little further when you charged at Ilebaye and proceeded to physically remove items from her body in what could be seen as a violent manner.”

He then issued Beauty a strike while Ilebaye received a stern warning.

The rest of the housemates were also warned to avoid hesitating whenever they were being called upon by Big Brother.

Que the Fake Housemates

Two more housemates were on Sunday introduced into the Level 1 and 2 houses of the show.

While the housemates were expecting some of their co-housemates to be evicted, they were shocked to receive an addition.

One of the new housemates, Deji, revealed that he was in a complicated relationship and noted that his physical attributes would endear him to fellow housemates and fans.

He didn’t lie about the fans’ part because social media has been going crazy about him.

Deji joined the Level 1 housemates.

Another housemate, Modella, was introduced to the show as the 26th housemate, and she joined the Level 2 housemates.

So here’s the twist. Modella and Deji are fake housemates, but the 24 original housemates are unaware of this fact.

Deji and Modella will keep the real housemates on their toes as fake housemates. In addition to adding more game-changing shocks, the upcoming days might shed more light on their roles.

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