Cash flow for the Kardashians, #PoorDream and a broken Rob | Here are the winners and losers from the Rob/Chyna feud

Reality star, Robert Kardashian Jr. set social media aflame yesterday when he aired very filthy laundry of his relationship with former fiancee, Blac Chyna on Instagram and Twitter. It’s been nearly 24 hours since Rob‘s meltdown and the laundry is still dripping of dirt.

We gave a comprehensive account of the Kardashian’s OMG posts, Chyna’s counter posts, the internet’s reactions and everything else in between in this article so we’ll cut to the chase. Here are all our winners and losers from the feud:


Rob Kardashian

With everything we were made to witness yesterday, the Kardashian has proven himself to be immature, unstable and volatile. There is no bigger loser in all of this than Rob as he has now set himself for a possible jail term for sharing explicit images of Chyna without her consent.

At the core of his outburst, Rob posted NSFW photos of Chyna‘s vagina, bum and breasts all in a bid to shame her for hurting him. We agree he was hurt and felt trampled upon but resorting to such sordid behaviour now puts in the worse position to get the last laugh.

What Rob has done is “revenge porn” and is punishable by law in California, according to a report by Mashable. “Images or recordings of intimate body parts meant to stay private cannot be distributed with the intent to cause emotional distress, according to the law. If the victim is indeed psychologically harmed, the perpetrator may be guilty of a misdemeanor.”

Beyond the possibilities of him facing a legal battle, let’s be frank, Rob doesn’t really have much going on for him. A failed designer socks brand – Arthur George, a reality show with Chyna that may not get a follow-up season, occasional appearances in his family reality show – Keeping Up With The Kardashian, may be the summary of Rob’s claim to fame.

Add this fresh drama to all else and Rob still amounts to zero. Plus he lost his Instagram account too…

Dream Kardashian

Now, this may come across as the most insensitive box to put a child in but there’s hardly any other way to say it: Rob and Chyna have failed their 7-month-old daughter, Dream.

Rob tweeted, “She had a baby out of spite and I’ll never view her the same”. He suggested that Chyna had the baby to get back at Tyga, a statement that has potential to cause damage to the child if she finds out about it in the near future. That’s a long term issue. Short term, there is a custody battle in place and poor Dream will be at the heart of it.

And this isn’t just our idea. #PoorDream is trending on Twitter.

Blac Chyna

Rob called her a slut in front of the whole world and we won’t be the ones to say he was right. He did wrong by shaming her in public but still, we don’t encourage bad behaviour. Chyna is a mother and should have acted as such, if for nothing but for her kids.



LOL! We don’t even care how shitty this sounds but TI wins for one reason. TI paid Chyna to have a threesome with he and his wife, Tiny. Right under Rob’s nose? And Rob was stupid enough to put that on IG. Boy please, TI is the real MVP.


The Kardashians

All this drama just adds up for more fame and more income for the entire Kardashian family. They breathe, eat and drink controversy and bad news, as already established, is more money in the bank for them.

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