The Church Blog: Guest Post | It’s not about the church alone, it’s about us too

by Famakinwa Temitope

Some of our churches seem to be lost in their quest for members and church growth that they forget about the importance of the Christian’s individual fellowship with God. They will teach us about paying tithe which is “God’s own money”. Some will centralise their teachings on religious issues to get us coming to church, looking like Saints. Some will begin teachings that undermine the effectiveness of your appearance and say “God is after the heart, not the looks”. So we have all sort of acceptable dressings in the church.

But what ever happened to looking out for the development of our inward fellowship with God? They forget to tell us about the importance of our connectivity with God during the weekdays and not only on Sundays with our fancy wears and massive offerings. They should tell us things like:

“There’s so much filth, garbage, frustration, dysfunction, deterioration, confusion, pollution, commotion, oppression, subjugation and dangerously opinionative values out there. They are just in front of your door, flying around for preys as you begin the day.  So, tell me how you risk waking up without having any devotion with God, thanking him that you’re still sane amidst this madness, asking for favour in the face of rejection, for grace beyond hustle, for guidance amidst thorny paths, for protection against crazy forces, for mercy to sail through it all over and over again”.

Thereafter, they should ask us in the pitch they use in convincing us about tithing and membership:

“How do you all dump these requests and just step into this daily mess, Monday through Saturday, using the latest designer wears and acting like you have it all in place? Then you come to church on Sunday for cameo appearance without a genuine heart of fellowship and expect that whole virus will be expunged in 3hrs of just fulfilling righteousness in church?

It’s not about the growth of the church alone. It’s about our personal growth too. You have to care that bad. When our growth comes to play, you won’t have to force anyone to sing worship songs, close eyes during prayers or to stop doing ‘Big Boy’ for the babes in church. We will understand to give it all to the almighty king.


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