Fever Stew: Didn’t Tiwa tell you that she is a Savage?


Okay at this point, I think we can all agree that Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun aka Wizkid, is on a mission to dominate the year. You would think that following so much controversy in country, the Kaduna Crisis, falling tankers, and so much, there I say it, ‘political higi-haga’, (forgive me professor Obahiagbon); the last thing on anyone’s lips or twitter trends would be a music video. If you think this, you would be wrong, as Wizkid has released the music video for his hit song Fever, and it has the whole country talking.  The video has momentarily barred our memories of the many tragedies the country is facing, trending for almost a whole day now.

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This video, set in an all-white open window bedroom, and on a private beach, amongst other flamboyant locations, including a pool, lionizes the relationship between the afrobeat artist and rumoured love interest, played by Tiwa savage.

The video shows the sexy sides of the pair, with both of them fooling around, a bit little too sultrily for TV, and holding hands on the beach. That being said, do not misjudge the raunchiness of the video, you only need watch it to decide for yourself if this somehow validates their relationship or cements the position that Wizkid and Tiwa are playing up their chemistry to sell records. The video suggests a lot and fans have taken to social media to express their take on it and how they feel.

Of course we can always count on twitter people to make light of even the direst situations. According to our friends on twitter ‘Stew’ now has a new meaning, other than that tomato goodness used to season your Sunday afternoon. And it just so happens that we’ve been kind enough to present to you some of these meanings

Despite people having fun with the trend, a lot of people seem irate at the entire thing. Reactions range from people, fearing for Teebillz’s mental health, to reacting to the age difference between the artists and of course the manner (Which comes across to some as indecent) which Tiwa Savage presents herself.

The age difference thing doesn’t seem like much of a big thing, seeing as both Wizkid and Tiwa Savage are adults. As for the manner which Tiwa presented herself, this argument doesn’t really hold water, as Tiwa is a modern woman, in a modern world, free to her own choices outside of societal restrictions. Also there were two parties in the video, yet all eyes are on the indecency of the woman, which is just a display of the ugliness of the double standard plaguing our society.

On the other side of things people seem excited at the prospect of the pair getting together. There are a lot of hopefuls, eager to see Wizkid and Tiwa become an item, and why won’t they? Judging from the video, the chemistry between the pair seems indisputable. But this alone would hardly be the basis of the celebrity match made in heaven. Through the year, these two have been seen, sending each other mushy messages to, appearing in each other’s concerts and shows, and collaborating in songs and music videos. Wizkid claims that, all of it is nothing but a product of their friendship, but people deep enough to read meaning into things, beg to differ. ‘Just friends’ don’t usually go this far for each other, is the argument they seem to be making and they seem to have a point. We all know that these two have gone more than the extra mile for each other, and it is not farfetched to see it as more than friendship.

Wizkid and Tiwa took to twitter to down play the rumors

Wizkid simply stated on his Instagram “This one is special to me, made a video with my best friend.”

While Tiwa did the same with “Love you Starboy, best friends till the end #fever.” As her caption

Could this be the truth? A harmless video between two friends that seek nothing more than a couple of views on YouTube, and airplay on Cable TV and local TV stations. Or could the internets’ over exaggeration of the affair between the pair be correct. Who knows?

Maybe we should all just calm down and enjoy the wave.




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