The Film Blog: Is The Wedding Party already a hit?

It sure looks like it. A quick glance through Twitter leaves us hard pressed to find a bad word by anyone.



Likewise the reviews:

  • The direction is excellent. Adetiba doesn’t let her picture dwadle. The movie kicks off exciting the audience, and moves at a pace that makes it interesting to watch. “The Wedding Party” has more hits than misfires. It offers enough laughs to overshadow its flaws and should bring a smile to anyone who has planned, attended or had a Nigerian wedding.Pulse NG
  • Director Kemi Adetiba did a fantastic job of capturing one of the most exciting and enthralling, colourful and dramatic events of a Nigerian’s life; The Wedding, and wraps a story round it with such a beautiful cast that the movie can very well stand out as one of the few best things to have come out of 2016.Cerebral Lemon
  • The laughs come in bursts and when they hit their mark, they do so accurately, as with Sola Sobowale’s theatrics and Kunle Idowu’s silliness.YNaija
  • This is an absolutely fantastic movie. From start to end, The Wedding Party is a pack of sheer goodness.TNS
  • You will not see a funnier movie this year. It checks all the boxes that you could want in a comedy; Storytelling(P), Drama (P), Acting (P), Plot (P) and most importantly, it was genuinely funny.Tha Revue

As if that isn’t enough, the movie just broke the record for the largest opening weekend in Nollywood history.

36 million naira.

Beating out Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

What. A. Wow.

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